I don't hate this idea

This mentions the remaining the Big 12 teams and I don’t hate it.

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It all looks good on paper.
There is a lot of talk pac12 doesn’t want us because of time zone. But here they r going to the east coast

Pac 12 saying they wouldn’t expand is a pipe dream.
If they r going to protect themselves they got to expand.
Beside noter dame we r the best free agent.

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No PAC please. Don’t wanna stay up for west coast late games. #olds

I bet the student body is saying no acc so they don’t have wake up before noon.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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They play Big 12 games at 11 already. Do you not know how time zones work?

It was a sarcastic joke.
If u would relax ur cheeks a lil u mite get things.

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Well Robert with the all the stupid posts and poor writing you can’t really tell the sarcasm.

I find the ones who r not trying to prove themselves get jokes alot easier.
Loosen the ess cheeks, there will be a whole new world.