I need Jelani trick plays like I need spicy Cane's chicken

Marshall previewed the Cowboy Back position group on Friday and this nugget from Sean Gleeson has me salivating for a Jelani Woods double-pass to Spencer Sanders to win Bedlam.

"…when asked specifically about Woods’ experience as a quarterback, here is what new offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson had to say.

“So, if you look at the Harvard vs. Princeton 2017 game up there in Cambridge, a wide out threw a touchdown pass,” Gleeson said. “So, it’s not out of the bag of tricks, but again, it’s all just trying to get the guys to make some plays. We got a left-hander, right-hander, whatever it is, we need to score some touchdowns. I’m inspecting all areas and all abilities.”

Double pass would be great, but I honestly hope the break-out position is CW. No reason we shouldn’t be dinking and dunking with these boys.