‘I Want to Play’: Kenny Gajewski Talks the Future of Bedlam Softball after Sooners Leave for SEC

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‘I’ve tried to tell them that we want to play, but I don’t have very good luck getting responses.’

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Why continue playing against the only team standing in the way of Cowgirls dominating the Big 12 and racking up the trophies? Never play OU in any sport ever again.

They won’t stop us from winning the B12 in softball, that’s always there. But you want to get to their level. Sure play them, we aren’t far from their level.


You’re absolutely right. When they move to the SEC, they won’t affect us winning the conference in the future. But I still don’t want to play them. Ever again. In any sport. You can tell which posters apparently haven’t tasted enough Bedlam pain in their lives.


Pretty bad when even a zerOU alum, Kenny G, can’t convince the yokels in Boreman to keep playing when it’s…oh so convenient.