In Realignment, Big 12 and Pac-12 Need Each Other Now More Than Ever

Originally published at: In Realignment, Big 12 and Pac-12 Need Each Other Now More Than Ever | Pistols Firing

On why forming a super-league to combat the Big Ten and SEC is a viable plan.

To some what compete we just cant go after ever team. Only 3 make sense. The others can rot in the west. Remember the acc will blow up to. Unless we are going to take every stray in and be a conference of 30.


The numbers coming out for what the Pac 10 will soon be making will answer a lot of questions.

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If Oklahoma State does not get invited to the SEC or Big 10, we will eventually fall way behind financially and be relegated to a lower level. I don’t want to say mid major but what can we really expect? It’s up to ESPN and FOX. A merger with the Pac-12 might be the best we can do but it is not a good future on the national landscape.

Yeah, but not really. Ideally just 4 more teams to get it to 16 and then PLEASE STOP! $EC and B1G are stopping for now. B1G really only wants ND. ACC has its hands tied.

I wouldn’t mind just the Zona schools, Utah and Florida. Let Oregone schools, UW, Wazzu, Cal, Stanford and whoever else is left invite Boise State, SD State, Fresno State, and maybe Hawai’i to join the Pac-whatever conference. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

I agree but we cant take in every vanderbilt in the counrty that the 2 other leagues dnt want.

The pac 12 will fall apart once the see how much there worth.

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I strongly disagree. Big XII is in a better position than the Pac-10.

They’ve lost a LOT of leverage losing the two big LA-based schools.


It seems like these conferences pay each school equal portions of the television contracts.

That needs to stop.

There is no reason for Kansas to get the same dollars at Oklahoma State, when OSU is bringing a lot more eyeballs to the screen. Kansas MIGHT BE a bad example (because of basketball), but you get the point.

Schools should get pro-rated slices of the total based on the value each brings.

Such is counter-intuitive in the world of higher education. So the chancellors and presidents will never go for it.

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This is spot on. Ideally bring on Washington, Oregon, and Utah. While it would be a bit odd to have 15 teams, it could be pretty neatly split up into 3 pods of 5. Adding more than those three just waters down the revenue pot and makes the conference less attractive for schools that might otherwise come to the Big XII when the ACC implodes.

I could make a case for Colorado instead of Utah but do not think we should bring on both (unless we lose out on Washington or Oregon).

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Kansas is a great example.

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Those are the 3 i want. Add a team in the east to get 4 4 teams pods. The 4 pods would be close to each.
Then add 4 from the acc

Im dreaming here but I would beg Notre Dame and give them a sweet deal of some kind. Would love Oregon and Wash as well. I think it would make the big 12 very solid.


I agree. Notre Dame to the Big 12 would be a game changer. Combine that with Oregon, Utah, and Washington from the PAC-12 and you have a very solid conference:
West: BYU, Oregon, Utah, Washington
South: Baylor, Houston, TCU, Texas Tech
Central: Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State
East: Cincy, Notre Dame, UCF, West Virginia
I agree that it won’t happen but hey it never hurts to make a sweetheart of an offer. The Big 12 should make a pitch. The worst they do is say no.


Thats interesting that you say that. Go read the comments when that very idea was floated out before Big 12 Has Discussed Increased Payouts to Keep OU and Texas, per Report | Pistols Firing (

So notter dame is looking for 75 million from nbc. This would some how make nbc a player to come in and spend more.
We also have cbs want to pull out of sec game of the week.
So you can play 4 games every week on a channel. With notterdame taking 1. But we put one on Wednesday cbs and nbs could cover a 16 team league 8 game week.

That would even given ku a chance to make a million viewers a game. Nbc could run games thur peacock.

This post didn’t age well

I think any body who thinks any league would help the pac 12 is on drugs. We need a few of the pac12 members.

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Rumors are rumors and always reveal foolishness

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