In-State, Four-Star Receiver to Announce College Decision Saturday

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Will the Edmond-Santa Fe to Stillwater pipeline continue?

Looks like OU lean.
Two big announcements on Saturday and neither picking the pokes

No one cares that Gundy can’t recruit! As long as he isn’t 0-10-1 he’s an improvement. Most people on here think it’s Gundy or be worse than Kansas, that’s the only choices.

WR doesn’t bother me as much here, because Dunn’s track record speaks for itself. but yeah it’s gonna be a bummer watching these two guys (him and Cam’Ron Valdez) commit elsewhere.

Gundy stays away from high star kids🤷‍♂️. It’s just what he has always done. Culture

Highest receiver dez we do remember how that end right. Been awhile since we have seen ar1 happy head. Go hirer ur lover miles. If there come they still need to fit.

You should learn to say no to drugs, then maybe what you write would make sense.

I forgot ur slow need to spell out everything. Dez Bryant u remember how his osu career end (highest reciever). U have made it clear u love miles. Any recruit we get needs to work with the osu system. Glad to hear ur still beating dead horses.:yum::crazy_face::shushing_face:

Donovan Woods, Ricky Price, D’Juan Woods, Brandon Pettigrew, Charlie Johnson, Jamie Thompson just a few of the guys Miles left for Gundy to build with. Just a few NFL players.

I real thought ku was looking good at first last Saturday, then I remembered miles wasnt there

Do u know how miles counts to ten 0 for 1 0 for 2 u get the point​:joy::crazy_face::hugs:

Can’t be worse then kansas we don’t got miles