Instacap: Cade Cunningham Leads OSU Past Arkansas 81-77

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The Cowboys needed hot shooting to overcome another high-turnover effort.

Game after game there’s a turnover issue. Why is it still an issue? This needed to be fixed weeks ago.

Defense is good but when u give the ball back over20 times its had to stop.
As long as ice and mon shoot ft were ok.
This team would look alot better if they play for assists

Its actually get worse

Cade scored to take the lead on a fadeaway with a hand in his face. Then he took the lead again on a floater over a triple team. Then he took the lead for a third time with a jumper on the elbow. He followed that up with a big rebound, two clutch free throws to put the game out of reach, and a steal to seal the game. All of that exemplifies just how great he is.

But none of that is as impressive as what he did before the game. MB put him back in the starting lineup, and he told Boynton that Boone had been playing great and deserved the start over him, and that he should come off the bench. That’s something you never ever hear a number 1 NBA draft pick ever do. He might be the most mature player this program has ever had, just full of class and an all-time leader.


19 for the game, but only 5 in the 2nd half. And they didn’t have the 2nd half meltdown they had been having throughout the season earlier on. It was a great showing IMO. With Kansas Plummeting, Texas and WVU sliding and tech being vastly overrated, OSU is playing some of the better ball in the league right now, outside of Baylor and OU (ugh).

Still over 20 turnovers is not a good thing. And they did give up what a 7 point lead with around 5 mins

You’re right. I’m glad we’ve seen improvement as the season goes on. If we can fix the turnovers and FTs this team can be sneaky deadly in the tournament. Boone has turned a leaf and Anderson is looking nice right now too. They look like a complete team with minor things holding them down. I think they are relatively easy fixes with the turnovers and FTs.

I agree. Honestly Anderson has been a big contributor with turnovers, but he seems like he’s going 1000 miles an hour. Kinda like with Westbrook, sometimes you gotta just let him go and take the good with the bad. The biggest thing that kills them are those 5-6 minute stretches without a basket that they seem to have in every single game they play. If they stay consistent not a lot of teams can beat them.

I wish the timeouts were better called to prevent the scoring droughts/opposing teams runs.

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This has been an issue for every coach we’ve had post-Eddie.

Give credit where it is due. Free throw shooting was finally excellent!!

It helps who is shooting them​:upside_down_face::innocent::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

I swear I could shoot better FTs than MAM. He has been playing well but ■■■■ those FTs are awful. I couldn’t believe he made 2 in a row today.

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Not to give Boynton any sort of relief or credit, but sometimes nothing can stop a scoring drought, especially if you don’t have many good shooters. Hopefully now that they have a formidable scoring threat inside hopefully when they go cold they can rely on Boone to get some easy buckets. I think I saw where he’s shooting 32-40 over his past 4 games. He’s been hot lately

Did I miss something with Flavors? What happened to that guy? I know he wasn’t playing great early in the season but I literally haven’t even seen him on the bench or heard a word about him in months.

A sore thumb I think

U call a time out tell stop turning over the ball. And get in an offense set.
I dnt if the all selfish and dnt wont to pass it.
They do look good when they pass it around a couple of time. Of course if they dnt lose it

Hand Injury I think. I agree. I do like Boynton. He’s a very likable guy. Jury is out on his coaching ability based on the BS he’s had to deal with since starting. I hope he succeeds. Time will tell. I think we have a solid a$$ squad this year and even post Cade I feel good about next year as long as Boynton can keep it rolling.

I agree. Turnovers and free throw shooting seems to remain an issue. If Boynton would consistently correct this issue these games may not be so much closer and we may not see such big momentum swings in the game.