Instacap: Cowboys Fall to Sooners 66-62 in Overtime

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The Cowboys fall in third-straight OT thriller.


OK Coach you tried an experiment brining Cisse off the bench. Failed, lets not do that again……

Next Saturday can’t come soon enough

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Kalib Boone-

13 minutes = 0 points

Agreed. Utterly forgettable season.

Bryce Williams: 20 mins, 0 pts, 3 TOs.

I know. He sucked today.

The whole team sucked. I was stunned that we got the game to OT. I hate watching this team. It’s so bad.

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Then don’t watch them. If your aren’t going to support the team you aren’t really Loyal and True.

Not watching is a good way to tell people that you’re fed up with the product. Please try it.

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U loyal and true. Next year is ur year. Will u be loyal.
Boyntonhas the players if he could get them in the rite place. He needs to see how gundy gets more out of less.

I don’t understand this concept on how you guys are willing to support 6-6 whenever it happens in a football season. Yet, you never seem to be supportive of the players or coaches in the basketball program. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Five seasons compared to seventeen seasons. Just think about that for a moment. If Boynton doesn’t turn things around next season then find someone else. Until then he’s going to be here so you and Roberto are just going to have to deal with it and stop crying.

So……he needs to win at least one conference title over the next 12 seasons?

I would take some winning seasons.

So I guess with that logic then we should go from having the 3rd toughest schedule in the country to scheduling a bunch of rum dumbs like we do in football for the non-conference?

We were picked 5th. Do u see us get 5th.
Instead of losing alot of big leads we are losing close games there still loses.
I dnt care about tech ku or Baylor. Its the Cleveland state the isu ou ksu. Boynton just fine ways to lose.
I felt 5th should have been obtainable, didn’t u.

We don’t finish in the bottom half of the conference in football and fail to make the postseason.

We have finished in the bottom half in the conference in football (under Gundy), and it’s easier to make a bowl game these days than it has at any time in college football history.

Everything u cry about boynton does and hasn’t showed improving. The last time we didn’t or each time we haven’t had a winning record in conference is always followed by better records.
Boynton in five years has match gundy losing conference records. And has more overall losing seasons.
I know u like to double down have at it.