Instacap: Cowboys Fall to the Bears on the Road, 81-70

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OSU’s win streak comes to an end in Waco.

Thats to bad we still got one more

Sloppy turnovers killed us. Refs let OSU get mauled the whole game and called OSU for fouls if they looked too hard at the green jersey. Hopefully Cade is fine. Hate losing to that scummy university in any sport.

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I am perfectly fine resting almost everyone to get healthy for the post season. We really don’t have much to gain or lose in Morgantown on short recovery.

We can still get to 4th place

The “one ref” had it in for OSU repeatedly calling charges and fouls against the Orange while ignoring exactly the same altercation against the Green. Example: the play where the Baylor player hooked Cade and took him to the floor hurting his ankle right in front of the “one ref” who ignored the foul. The same “one ref” called a foul from across the court on a block while the ref standing in front of the play did not call a foul. Not to mention how the Baylor player flopped when any OSU player was close by on a shot. Very poorly called game.

At least in the OU game it was noticeable that they were not going to call fouls every time Reaves flopped.

To play that close at times to a team with obvious greater talent was really good to see and showed that this team could advance in the NCAA tournament. I think there was a major mistake in waiting too long to bring Anderson back in the game. Flavors was probably not going to get it done with 3 pointers. But total devastation when Cade went down. Tournament time now seems bleak. No Ice and now maybe a hobbled Cade or even no Cade at all. Quite a team Baylor has assembled. I thought our guys were missing some shots in the first half because of fatigue from playing too many games in such a short span of time and also playing in OT. It showed tonight. I would like to see Baylor go against Michigan. I have real mixed feelings about Illinois in the tournament. Growing up in Illinois I always like to see Illinois do well, but I have a dislike toward Underwood due to valuing money over loyalty. I always admired Mike Holder for not giving into the blackmail attempt from Underwood.

But at what cost? These guys (thanks to the big 12 screwing us with rescheduling) need to get healthy. Being 4th in the regular season doesn’t mean nearly as much as making a run in the NCAA.

I would still rather be 4th then 6th or 7th when they seed us.

I would to, but at what cost?

A simple question… How in the hell did Oklahoma State manage to “tack on” road makeup games against the 2 top programs in the entire conference? Not that our Cowboys are or will ever be known for their “luck”, but good grief that’s a tough final stretch to wrap up conference play and then step right into the tournament schedule!

Yes it was cowboy luck.