Instacap: Cowboys Survive in Boise, Beat Broncos 21-20

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The Pokes ground out a win in Boise.

Thank god for Warren, Jim Knowles and the defense, and the refs.

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Offense = Jaylen Warren and that’s pretty much it. Keep running the same play over and over again even when the defense starts to key in on it. We turn the ball over on our own 41. Only positives is a no name receiver catches the ball for a first down to seal the game and Warrens 75 yard run. Sanders might be the worst QB in the Big 12.

Defense = Forces 2 turnovers, pressures Baichmann all night, allows Baichmann less than 100 yards passing in the 2nd half, Sacks Baichmann 4 times, didn’t allow a point in the second half. Puts the offense in great field position after the recovered fumble.

Special Teams = No muffed kickoff or punt returns. Blocks a FG to help win the game. Puts Boise in bad field position most of the night.

Gundy- Wouldn’t adjust after halftime, and needs to stop calling a QB draw on 3rd and long (happened 3 times).

Glad they got the win, but it’s obvious they still need to work on the offensive side of the ball. Spencer Sanders can’t hit water in a boat. His passing game has declined the further he’s gotten into his career.


Jim Knowles needs a big fat pay raise. Guy is winning us games and will continue to put us in the position to win games in the future. Best hire by Gundy in a long long time.

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U listed a bunch of stuff. U left 1 off were 3 and 0 baby

Has to be the worse play calling I have ever seen from OSU. Tonight OSU had to be the luckiest team playing today in order to come away with a win. We have a QB who the coaches can’t trust to throw the ball. We have a play caller who runs the same running plays that are not working while risking injury to the QB. Third and long with multiple QB keepers? Would any high school coach call that play? I think we used up all our Cowboy luck for the rest of the season during this game. Our tackling in space looked pretty bad at times, as did our pass coverage. And what a blow to lose L.D. Brown to what looked like a knee injury. So I guess we will see a freshman as RB next week. Lack of receivers, lack of RBs. Not in a good position going forward. Too many key injuries along with horrible play calling. Pressley was not used enough as a receiver. I hope that Sills is not seriously injured. He stayed in the game after an obvious injury. It’s like the coaching staff has forgotten that the Miami game happened last season.


Silles came rite back in.
It would help if presley catch the balls.
They must trust Sanders. His last real play was a pass.

Hahaha!!! Exactly the same thing I was thinking!!

So Robert, you are thinking that it is the receivers the coaches don’t trust?
I don’t see how in this modern era of college football that any team can expect to win much when all they show is a one dimensional scheme. We had a RB who was hot tonight so we rode him. Very one dimensional. Yes, we are 3 and 0 but anyone who has watched these games still has to be embarrassed in spite of the pre-conference record. Except for outstanding defense, we suck. We will see how really bad this team is during Big 12 play starting against Kansas State. The reasons for this is the number of injuries to key players, and an offensive coordinator who probably is not suited for that position. Jim Knowles has been saving his butt. Also, we have a mediocre QB who have not made it to the next level. He was player of the year in Texas but at the next level he is not that. He is better than Illingworth. I predict that if we stick with the running game Sanders will eventually be out with an injury.

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It was nice to see the running game clicking somewhat. The offensive line seemed to get a hat on a hat better than the first 2 weeks. Defensive line looked :ok_hand:. They were putting the QB on his back all night.

Spencer Sanders looked pretty abysmal. However, he didn’t turn the ball over and his receivers did drop balls with the limited attempts he was given. Offense will need to clean a bunch of stuff up before Kansas State because the Wildcats look pretty solid so far this year. Defense keeps playing like they have been and we can play with just about anybody. Go Pokes!

U will see the same offense from both side next week.

Gundy and the OC should both be fired for the 2nd Half Play Calling

Sanders is a pathetic QB…, certainly the worst in the Big XII


This game cost me to lose my voice and on edge. But I never seen so few pass attempts in a game before. Glad we can run the ball now. I’m frustrated and confused about what we are trying
to do on offense. We’ve got a great wide receiver corps and a QB that can throw some vertical passes. I dont know why the QB or wide receivers weren’t apart of the game plan. When the receivers got a ball thrown to them they seemed surprised (sarcasm). The best defense I’ve seen in a long time. Just miss the high octane offensive playing we use to have. I really hope we get our offense figured out. I kept thinking with all this run at any moment we were gonna strike a deep on a pass.

Pass coverage was soft but the defense really came through.

To Quote Jack Buck “I can’t believe what I just saw!” Warren the RB had a very nice game besides the late fumble. The Win tonight was hard earned by the players. The offensive staff should be embarrassed and really be fired after that performance. The fact that Boise just sat back in coverage the majority of the game was the Pokes chance to prove they could run he ball.
Boise coached should be fired for not making the adjustments Based upon what the Pokes we’re doing The OL played better, only a few breakdowns the Defense played soft coverage and the game became an early pitch an catch for Boise WB and WR’s, our DB ‘s we’re playing 10 off ball snd Boise was moving the ball easily. Tackling wasn’t impressing in the first half. The D coordinator made changes and in the second half and kept Boise scoreless. Blocked kick by the Pokes at the end was unbelievable. The play calling was horrible and the last throw to Cabbiness , SS best throw of the night, was absolutely dumb and illustrated the low football IQ our offensive staff has. It worked so Gundy and staff will be showered how ballsy the last throw was. The fact is Boise isn’t the same Boise they were 5-10 yrs ago. Coach Petersen left and this current team isn’t good. The Big Question now, are we going back to a high powered offense with the spread anytime soon. Right now the players and the coaches probably have no idea. Let’s hope tonight’s debacle gets us started in the right direction.

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Heck I liked the play calling, Sanders can’t throw the ball so we have to get him more involved in the run game. He’s more than likely going to get killed if he keeps running like that but that’s what he does best so I say run him and then once he gets hurt bring in Shane and then we start throwing the ball.

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I’ve been screaming from a mountain to get Sanders involved in the run game, and I had no problem with doing some design runs with him last night. What I don’t understand is why the hell we are running QB draw multiple times on 3rd and long?

In my opinion the line did a little better, but Warren’s vision and ability to avoid defenders makes them look better than they actually might be. The whole “we have depth” claim is obviously a lie because we had nearly 0 receivers last night to bail Sanders out of his putrid passing game.

Strange how this dude was the Texas Gatorade High School player of the year, and all of a sudden under Gundy, Rattay, and Dunn it’s like he forgotten how to throw a football. He might possibly be the worst QB in the conference this season.

Speaking of getting killed, I couldn’t believe that the BSU QB never left the game with injuries after so many brutal hits by our guys. It was like he had some kind of super power to sustain punishment.

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There won’t be any coaches if we go around firingthem after they lose to osu

Uve yelled everything off the mountain top. It’s like the gurl who cried wolf.