Instacap: Cowboys Win Bedlam Overtime Thriller 94-90

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Cade dropped 40 in his Bedlam debut.

First, I think 5 stars matter. 2nd I think 5tars matter and last but not least I think 5 stars matter!!!. Talk smack to your rival and back it up and you have a coach. Cunningham was phenomenal.


Avery Anderson was a play away from giving that game up. He reminds me of Westbrook on a lower scale. He will never be able to contain his athleticism. I still think we are a better team without ice if we are not in foul trouble but we will still need him for that reason in the turny. Good win for my pokes! Boyton talking smack to the goons will only get more recruits to Stillwater and I can’t wait for the future

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Good win. Tough playing team with a tough week coming up. Win 1/3 and we are looking good. Any extra wins is bonus. Wish we had some rest before the big 12 tourney though. Loved the energy from the bench and coach Mike. Let’s get that sweep Monday.

When Cunningham wants to take over he can and I thought this game meant more to him than any other game and he delivered for his team. It will be really hard to sweep the goons because they are looking at a three game loosing streak but it’s doable. Big confidence for this YOUNG team. Proud today to be a cowboy!!

I say beat OU in stilly, go try to get a W in Waco with Baylor having a months worth of rust built up, and if you win one of those two sit everyone vs WVU. Let the Walk-ons and Williams get a few minutes.

We can be better with Boone and MAM having poor games, but you can also look at it as Cade and Williams played out of their minds. When we used our athleticism and relied on our defense to turn into points offensively, OU had no answer. They’re nowhere remotely close to being as athletic as OSU.

Guys made free throws all day and during clutch situations. It’s such a difference maker.
Maybe this will be the game that gets williams back on track.
Props to boynton for calling that timeout in OT to calm his players down even though he should have used his last timeout before cade turned the ball over to send us in overtime.
If we can at least win one of the next 3 games, we should be a 5 seed or higher.

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A run in the B12 tourney could boost that as well. I’d assume they’ll go into Bedlam 2.0 in the top 15.

Great win got more to come

Free throws and rebounding wins every time!!!

(Getting closer to the Eddie days)

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Cade Cunningham…we are witness…
It’s great to have him, but I think we’re building something here!

I about flew out of my chair when boynton didn’t call a timeout when Cade had the ball right before half time. I have always thought boynton uses poor judgment when calling timeouts but I think he just gets so wrapt up in the game like I do as a fan. As time goes by he will mature as a coach.

Why did he need to call a timeout?

Because there was 7 seconds left and he could have called a play instead of let cade dribble into 2 defenders and lose the ball.

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@richard8 It happens it’s apart of them game, Cade is an amazing decision maker with the ball and Coach Mike doesn’t typically call timeouts in that case when you have the best player in college basketball handling the ball and so why call a timeout? That also gives an advantage to the defense to get set and or reset their defense and personnel versus resetting up by themselves on D on the fly. In most cases with other players yeah a timeout makes sense

That would be fine if this was the first or second time we’ve been in this situation but it’s not. And Cade as great as he is, is not the best dribbler and that’s where the majority of his 6 turnovers comes from. Giving cade the ball at the top of the key will give us a way better chance to score there than him taking the ball the distance even if OU set up there defense.

Defense. Well even with over time, both teams scored efe will. We had 20 turnovers how many was bad decisions or Defense.
One thing we had problems with earlier this year and dhas not changed is 3pt Defense.

This is what happens when you get a confident coach and better players. You start winning some games most people don’t think you’ll win. Just wondering when the man running the football program will figure this out.

Is the coach involved. I still haven’t seen him doing much. Still doesn’t know when to call time out. 20 turnovers. 9 assist.
I do agree get as many 5 stars u can.
Turn ball over to cade was I guess a great coaching feat.