Instacap: Oklahoma State Defeated in Bedlam by OU, 82-69 in Norman

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It was even uglier than it seemed.

I have a hard time watching anymore. I agree with everything you said. we are getting worse. not aggressive enough and a shell of a team that played in New York. what the heck happened to that team. we could go 0-18 or 1-17 in league play. I am not sure who that win would come against. during football season we were saying…bring on basketball…now that this season is crap…let me just say…bring on baseball.

Talk about taking two steps backwards then taking another two steps backwards…

Horrible coach, he’s lost this team. Please give everyone a full week off to try regroup something.

Why does the OSU basketball team continue to get a pass for being terrible? Gundy gets shredded when his team loses, but the OSU fans seem to be okay with it in basketball where OSU has more tradition than football. Is it because everyone thinks Boynton is a great recruiter? I care more about wins and losses on the court than stars given out by recruiting services.