Instacap: Oklahoma State Defeats Liberty 69-60

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OSU moves on to face, OSU.

That was hard to watch. Offense was bad. Cade did not look good. Refs made the game painful. Hopefully that was their bad game and they turn it back on the rest of the tournament. I don’t think Cade plays bad twice in a row.

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I’ll take an ugly win in a single elimination tournament any day. I’m sure Tennessee and the OSU who resides in Ohio would agree.

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Cunningham was horrible. Anderson III is the best player on the team.

I’d rather play Oregon State than Tennessee in the next round. They got a chance to make a deep run possibly.


Where was Bryce Williams?? I don’t think he got into the game. One thing Oregon State has is a big center. That makes me uneasy…

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I don’t know man. Oregon State has been on fire as of late.

Apparently he’s still not fully recovered from his rancid spicy chicken sandwich.

This is a bad take. Cade has 1 bad game out of how many? He’s definitely the best player on the team.

The end result is what was predicted, Cowboys win by single digit. Disappointing play. Rondell Walker was pretty bad shooting. Avery is the man. I too was asking where is Bryce Williams?
They need him. But finally they advanced in the tournament. Too many guys trying to force shots. When the Cowboys were up by a nice margin in the second half I think it was ill advised to try 3 point shots. Instead, I would have kept driving to the basket to try get fouled. All season long when they get a comfortable lead in the second half they seem to get too confident and then it looks like playground shots rather than disciplined offense and the result is that we watch the lead dwindle and then they have to pull out another close one. This tournament is not the place to continue that style. It needs to stop with this game. I think if Bryce Williams was available he would have been in there instead of Rondell and it might have looked like a better game.

They are 8 and 0
They shot 10 3’s at almost 50%
They have a 7’1" center
We got are handfuls

I think you have to give credit to Liberty for making a couple of runs but overall oSu was always able to weather the storm and extended once the shots started falling. A really good game and it sure feels good to advance at the dance.

I wonder how Yor Anei feels right now?

I’m glad andersen is play well at the rite time.
Next year with out cade it will be different. If he continues to play like this he will be the one get doubled.
It all depends on who will be coming in. Walker has shown he can score. .
If no one score more then 10 a game Avery will get a lot of attention.

We had 5 assist in that game.

Yet we won, so it’s not assist that win games.

Yes captain obvious points do.
See if we beat Illinois or even osu with 5 assists.
I understand the importance of assist if u don’t its just par for u

They better have “ice” driving at Oregon State’s 7 footer from the buzzer. If he doesn’t get in foul trouble , then Cade better go off for 40 again.

Why r u telling me this

You got 1 out of 2 right. Anderson has played great, but Cade is still top dog.