Instacap: Oklahoma State Defeats Miami 37-34 to Win Cheez-It Bowl

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The Cowboys outlasted the Canes.

Started off great, a lot of different looks esp w/ pass patterns, letting the dangerous Brennan Presley catch some balls. Then in the 2nd quarter…time for a nap and the conservative playcalling we were plagued with all season long. Game could’ve been a blowout but naw, let’s play it safe…

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Weird game to end a weird season. The whole 2nd half had a weird vibe, with Wallace sitting out and…just everything.
I’ll definitely miss Chuba and Wallace and Amen and all, but I’m ok with the 2020 season being over. 8-3 isn’t what I wanted, but…so it is…
On to 21! GO POKES!!!

Almost blown by Gundy. Love to see it

Was that not great. Cardiac cowboys. 8 and 3 with full season should have been 10 and 3. Hated texas and tcu games. These last 2 games I hope Sanders can build on. Now we wait and see who is coming back.

Good to see we might have a few good players on offense step up next season, Presley and Martin. Improved play by Sanders. But after the blitz scoring in the first quarter I felt really sorry for all the guys on offense being hampered mainly by such poor play calling. It was actually hard to watch at times. Runs up the middle, running on third and long, predictable short passing routes that were repetitive and easily defended. It was like whoever was the offensive coordinator left the booth after the first quarter and Gundy started calling the rest of the plays. It was actually embarrassing to see the team drop what was working and replace it with typical play to hold the lead instead of pressing the pedal to the metal and dominate. The Cowboys won because they were the team who had the most luck tonight. I am not impressed at all with Dunn as OC. Gundy really needs to bring in a consultant to teach him some new tricks and to burn the current playbook. I am concerned about next season when we won’t have the defense that bailed us out so many times this season. I wonder why Stoner wasn’t used that much tonight? Covered too well or just not enough plays called for him? With all of the injuries, 8-3 can be considered a good season. But we need to see more long balls thrown next season.

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Long pass r a waste of time. Sanders cant throw them. More then likely Sanders will be r qb unless gunner gets in there

Why did they wait until the last game of the season to play aggressively on offense?

I am glad they held on… That freshman will be one too keep an eye on… Like said we need to build on the last two games… And play offense like we did in the first quarter all season long… Great win coach and team

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Play down to the level of the competition. A very Gundy strategy indeed.

Play down u had Miami beat Gundy all over the place. That not playing down but stepping up.

You really think OSU wins without king? LOL. It only took their QB possibly tearing his ACL to win by 3

Their back up out scored king king was losing when he got the ball and when he left.
So yes I do.
Glad ur a other team excuse make I knew we would find some worthless peeps out there.

You mean after the OSU offense went into Gundyball? LMFAO! If you think OSU wins this game with king playing the whole time you might be brain damaged.

I answer that question who has brain damage.

Ok Robert. :clown_face:

I do feel sorry for u. All fans should be happy we won. By making excuses for another team really makes me question u stability.

I’m glad we won but there is not a chance in hell we hang on to win this game if king plays the whole 60 minutes. We barely won as it is against a BACKUP. Going up 21-0 means nothing when Gundy is coaching. As soon as he sees a lead like that his testicles shrivel up into his stomach.

It made it even by taking Wallace out. I’m sure during ur stroke ur balls were all the way up into ur throat.
This win give Gundy what 5 more yrs. How about them apples.

My writing sucks but trying to read what you wrote is embarrassing. Special Ed kids can write better than you Robert.