Instacap: Oklahoma State Destroys Baylor 42-3 in Regular Season Finale

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OSU claimed a decisive win in its regular-season finale.

disappointing season, but good ending. there’s no team I’d rather humiliate in an irrelevant game than Baylor. all three phases showed out today. and that Titanic montage is a masterpiece.

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I’d rather humiliate the Sooners.


Hard to get worked up about beating a team that is completely depleted due to injuries and C19. Finally, Sanders was able to throw the long bomb, but Stoner still had to do some masterful work to complete the play. And Sanders still stared down his receivers. Luckily for us Baylor doesn’t have the DB’s to take advantage of that defect.

Even with all the players we had returning our coaches could not do better than 3rd place in the league. I don’t see the near future being forecasted than what we thought we had coming into the 2020 season…and the coaching staff just couldn’t hack it. The defense was the unforeseen exception. They had a great year except for the OU game.

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I know Baylor had 45 players out for this game. However, can someone explain to me why they waited until the very last game of the season to play the most dominant and complete game?

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That game was over in 18 sec. I love the excuses for Baylor. There defense was the same that played ou and u guys guarantee beating our offense. Yes off was short handed. But unlike injuries, the virus is a coaches deal. So yes I loved it.

Because there was nothing left to play for so the pressure was off.

Agreed. Especially when our HC keeps humiliating us in the bedlam game.

They had half their team literally gone and they are a team with a win against Kansas and a one point win against Texas Tech. That would be like me bragging about beating a kid up with Down syndrome. This team has been inconsistent almost the entire season, and now you want to come on here and brag about the one good performance out of ten?

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It’s the Robert way.

The problem with u summary is a down syndrome is not voluntary.

The robert way is the best way. Only u guys would be sad about this game.

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Joe I’m not getting in ur jr high flirting game.

The Robert way?

  • Supporting a coach that consistently plays down to the level of the competition

  • Supporting average recruiting rankings

  • Supporting a coach that’s scared to death of OU

  • Supporting a coach that thinks several average seasons in a row is better than a CCG appearance

  • Supporting a coach that consistently plays a QB that’s proven time and time again he isn’t the answer

  • Supporting a coach that says they need better coaching, but never consistently does it

  • Supporting a coach that can’t even compete for 2nd place any longer

  • Supporting a coach that can only score 15 points on offense when his defense gifts him 5 turnovers

  • Supporting a coach that isn’t willing to change but would rather lose even if changes benefited him and the OSU football program

I’m glad a majority of people here don’t support the Robert way and as always see the writing on the wall. Maybe the Robert way will change when we’re 5-6 and in desperation mode for a win just to make a bowl game, but I doubt it will.

Do u get tired of riting the same thing over and over. I do get tired of reading it so I don’t. If u want to talk about the game or the great play many of the cowboys did that would be great. But I have gotten tired of ur pity party. Yes the Texas and tcu games sucked. But we still went 7 and 3 and 3rd place. So good yr overall.

  1. Th only reason we are getting 3rd is because Texas (a team that beat us) didn’t get to beat Kansas to take the 3rd place spot.

  2. A good year for the team we fielded this year would’ve been going to the CCG at least. Maybe not getting totally blown out in the bedlam game either and punting on the OU 39 yard line.

  3. If you don’t want us to have a “pity party” then call or email Mike Gundy and start telling him to game plan and be more consistent with his team on a weekly basis, and not just once every season like he was today.

Lmao u real are a sad person. Excuse for Baylor now for Texas.

Just like the boone article, I just don’t have to say anything. U guys act like ur a cat stuck in a bag with a dog.