Instacap: Oklahoma State Drops a Heartbreaker to Kansas State 71-68

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The Cowboys dropped their fourth-straight.

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That jump ball. Wow. Just ridiculous. How the hell can you call that a jump ball when you aren’t even close to the play and you’re behind them. Does anyone have the clip of it?


Ice ice ice. Can’t face gaurd a guy that hadn’t missed a shot all night for the win? I can’t say enough about how he hurts this team. Boynton is still loyal to him and that’s on coach.

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I don’t know if we win or not but that was just ridiculous. They shouldn’t have had that ball.

Doesn’t surprise me tho. As long as he’s the point gaurd for this team we are going to continue to be this good.

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Why does Moncrieffe grab a rebound and then think he’s the point guard? He dribbles the ball super high for anyone and everyone to tie him up. The little things are biting this team.


He was probably fouled.
Overall, I thought the Cowboys played a lot better than they have lately, but once again, it doesn’t seem like they can win without the points from Bryce Williams. They are probably going to remain at the bottom of the conference and that is where I think they were picked during pre-season.

Moncrief should not handle the ball. Aging why doesn’t coach sit that kid on the bench for that? Don’t know. He has not shown any improvement in his game at all.

There were some bright spots tonight I guess, but overall it is frustrating to see OSU basketball at the bottom of the conference.

It was a clear reach in foul.

Ice laying off Nowell on the last shot was ugly, hell the guy hadn’t missed but : shots all night and Ice is 5 ft from him !! Can someone tell me why Kalib is in the doghouse so bad he doesn’t get in ? And what does Cisse add ? No shooting, very few rebounds, it is maddening. We know Kalib can score


I have said many times, MAM can’t put the ball on the ground.


I would like to know that also

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They got it across the half court as well. They gave the ball to ksu.I backed it up and looked. It wasn’t even close.

Defensive rebounding was awful

Rebounding is nothing but desire and hustle… Barkley wasn’t the biggest guy guy out there but was a beast on the boards

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Its amazing how everyone can see this except the head basketball coach! But we all know he does see it but just doesn’t do anything about it.

So was my favorite player (Dennis Rodman).

Why does that not surprise me ur favorite is rodman

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Cause Rodman didn’t take trash from anyone. He was a winner. He knew what it takes to win championships.