Instacap: Oklahoma State Drops Big 12 Opener to Kansas 74-63

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The Cowboys start conference play 0-1.

We’d be lucky to get 2 wins this month.

Come on logan can’t give up.

They had 2 assist in first half. Got to hit open shots.

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Someone has to step up to score…to be The Man. I thought it would be Avery…alas…

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Pokes can’t shoot or rebound but they sure are scrappy on defense. How do we end up with a team of such poor shooters? Likely still struggles with free throws. The guys did look like a bunch of guys just coming out of the sick bed. But their shooting has been terrible all season. Our players looked so undersized compared to KU. It seemed strange tonight to see one of our worse shooters, Ice, taking so many shots.

I thought it would be walker he just can’t hit an open 3

Yes, Walker runs more cold lately than hot. One of our most inconsisent players. He seems to be playing worse since he had his haircut. I feel sorry for coach Mike how this team is looking this season. What would Eddie Sutton do with a team that could not shoot or rebound?

Roberto you and I both know this team is not capable of hitting open shots. Hell they can’t even hit free throws. I’ll give it a couple more games but after that I’m writing the season off. It is too painful to watch. Especially when it’s multiple times a week for 2+ hours.

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As long as ice plays a lot of minutes we will always struggle. Can’t hit free throws and can’t shoot 3’s and really turns the ball over more than he should. Just haven’t got any better then his freshman season and that might be his best. Avery is as inconsistent as Westbrook. Walker is a no show. This team doesn’t seem to mesh well but we will see. Is being able to hit free throws at 70 to 75% a lost art in Stillwater. Not having a good point guard that can hit free throws consistently helps tremendously and is a must to have a good team. They always start the season slow so I expect them to go on a run soon.

Eddie would be out there yelling. In practice he would have brooms out beating on these guys.

Have u guys seen how good other team shoot ft. We shot 69% Jeff wants 70 to 75. I’m not going to cry over one missed ft.

Boynton has got to see he us not getting it done needs to get after them.

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For as much as I like boynton as a person he’s still got some serious coaching issues. Our half court offense has been non existent every year since he took over. Are the players just incapable of running a half court offense or what?

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The hard facts are Boynton recruits besides Cade Cunningham have been underwhelming. His coaching skills look to be limited. It’s been 5 yrs of playground basketball. Older OSU alums who went through the Leonard Hamilton yrs can identify with what’s going on now. This program needs a change at the top. Boynton is a nice guy and very supportive of OSU, but he’s in a performance based position.

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