Instacap: Oklahoma State Falls Short in Austin, Loses to Texas 56-51

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Another career game from Thompson got the Cowboys this close.

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The defense is so good that they can manage to win games with such poor offense. All I want for them is to be average on offense. They don’t have to be good. An average offense would do wonders. But what we have now is way below average especially for the talent we have.


Tough to win when your offense already stinks but then you have your top scorer out with an injury and we saw the results. I was surprised hearing Fran say that Bryce Thompson has been playing with injuries. Then in the post game interview we hear Boone say that OSU is still one of the best teams in the conference. Has he looked at where the team sits in the standings? The last time I saw a Cowboy team with such a poor offense was the last few years when Henry Iba was still coaching. Coach Mike better recruit some shooters pretty quickly because I don’t think any quality player from the portal wants to join this kind of team.

I really don’t understand why they try to run the offense through ice at times, more often than not its a wasted possession


Agreed. I love that Ice has been a founding member of the Boynton regime, stayed when he could have bolted and has fought through injuries, but the offense appears to be lacking when the ball is in his hands so much. He and Sauce have both taken a step back this year.

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They need to find some way to make Cisse an inside threat offensively. The dude is 6’10. He only played 13 minutes. Tyreek Smith should probably get more minutes. The 16 minutes he was in he scored 6 points and didn’t miss a shot. Seems to be an all-around decent player. I have no idea what’s going on with Avery Anderson. Dude came on late in the season last year pretty strongly and has been nonexistent pretty much the entire season so far.

Ice needs to be more involved in pick’n roll and making inside cuts off the ball rather than trying to drive the basket and dish to the outside or draw the foul. He can’t hit free throws so it does no good other than maybe getting the other team in foul trouble.

Kalib Boone was only in the game for 11 minutes and logged 6 points and 6 rebounds. While Keylan Boone was in for 23 minutes and only logged one rebound the entire time. Rondel Walker plays 30 minutes and only takes 5 shots the entire game and gets 2 points. I usually take up for Boynton but he needs to do some serious restructuring on the lineups and figure out which players gel best together.

It’s 4 on 5 when he’s on offense. He’s not much of a scoring threat and he can’t hit his FTs. He also offers zero spacing because he is not a threat outside of like 5 feet from the hoop. This team is stellar defensively. I think KenPom has them at 8th in the country. But Jesus Christ is this offense just bad. They’re like 180th plus they are 317th out of 350 teams in FT%. Someone needs to be hired to fix this mess of an offense.

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I agree, we really gotta get some X’s and O’s going, I thought Scott would’ve helped in this area

Our only hope to finishing in the top half of the league is for a couple more besides Thompson start hitting shots. Anderson with 2 frigging points :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I think gundy has his hands all over this offense!!

Ice ice ice. As long as the ball is in his hands our offense will be what it is. This is why our offense has been in the dumps in the bouton era.

We dnt run the offense thur cissy is because he is not an offensive threat. Boone is though. Good to see him get some more action.

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But on a bright side… ISU sucks and we have a chance to beat them at home.


Not so quick. They have had half their team out with virus they may be back by then.


Which is why I said we need to find SOME WAY to make him an offensive threat.

Boone is r best big guy to score.

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I agree that Boone is the best insider scorer. Im just saying Cisse needs to develop into an inside threat offensively. Cause God knows this team can’t hit outside shots very often.

Thats boynton, even when the run offense sets its with the guards. Boone and Newton could get more offense.

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Maybe. We have a chance.

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