Instacap: Oklahoma State Falls to Kansas 78-66

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The Cowboys were unable to survive another tough shooting night.

I’ll say it again. At best, this team is a one and done in the tournament. Just too inconsistent.

Bad coaching and has been bad for 5 years. Love the coach hate the coaching🤷‍♂️

Issac needs to sit down and we need for one time under boynton it seems like to have a healthy basketball team! What gives? Can we not just have a basketball team that is healthy in one game it’s unbelievable.As always we as a university like to do is get the cheapest basketball coach or a football coach as possible. We need to go after Doug! He is a Spawn of Eddie Sutton. You can’t argue that we would be in a worse position. I’ve seen enough of this coach time to go.

We are a university that puts everything on layaway

If Gundy was cheap his poor coaching would be more acceptable.


Athletic director needs to go!!!

He’s a Golf guy what do you expect

Kansas won because they have a really good big guy under the basket. I keep saying that is what OSU is missing. I hope for the team’s sake that their excuse for such poor play, defense and offense was due to playing double overtime on Saturday and therefore they had no legs tonight due to fatigue. Everyone on this team looked bad at times including Cade. Has Ice forgotten how to shoot a basket? They played worse than they did against Texas. And no adjustments were made to stop McCormick from scoring at will. Enjoy this season because next year without Cade can you imagine how they will struggle? Fortunate that the next game is against K State. I still am not convinced this team is going to the big dance. They look more like an elevator going down. Pitiful play tonight. Driving the ball into multiple defenders and losing the ball as a result 3 plays in a row. Bad shot selection again. I wonder what Cade thinks now about choosing OSU instead of North Carolina?

It is worth thinking about. Mike is over his head but what is really crazy about the output of his teams is they are allways hurt! Someone is sick or a foot or needs time away from the game because of mental issues…we guess🤷‍♂️ and the play on court is mirror image. Say what you want but he’s just not old enough to coach in this league. I want to be wrong but it is what it is.

Listen sports haven’t changed you need a coach that will demand respect period!! Players look up to their coaches that’s why coaches act like they’re a hard —-. Somewhere we have lost that respect as people. But coach soft and let’s see how much you win.

So Coach, as you see it, He needs to
become a dick, so that way, the players will gain his respect. And this respect that comes from , as only dickhead coaches can, this should result in better coaching results… “as you said it”. .

Wow that logic only makes sense if you live at home in your moms basement, and have never been on a job with a dick-boss, and most definitely, not been on a team where you had a coach who was a complete d-bag… your comments might fly on a lesser site, but your speaking to people smarter than you!

Probably ask your mom to proofread your posts in the future, so us real fans that actually read the blog can tolerate your ignorance.

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Lmfao your such a joke. How’s your boy Boynton doing with the supposed #1 overall pick?! He’s coaching him out of the lottery

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No Boynton has had two top 25 recruiting classes losing Cade shouldn’t matter

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:joy::joy: your such a p*ssy dude :rofl::rofl:

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Why are you throating me so hard pal? I’ve said multiple times on this site if Boynton can’t get it done this year and next he needs to go. Just like Gundy needs to go. :clown_face:

I believe the word you are looking for is you’re. Moron.

We really miss Anei. The paint defense is not very good. Hope Ice can recover from the nagging injury. I’m not convinced we are in the dance.

I think it’s really time to worry about the program if Kansas State is a close game instead of the Cowboys beating them by double digits.
And we will be fine next season without having the guy who is leading the Big 12 in points scored???
HIs output gets replaced by whom?