Instacap: Oklahoma State Falls to Oregon State 80-70

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The Cowboys’ NCAA run ends in Round 2.

Terrible game. Championship basketball at its finest

Pathetic effort and coaching for a full 40 minutes. Get within a few points. What do we do? Jack up dogshit 3s when we suck at them instead of continuing to do what was working. Coach should’ve established early in the game that no one was to shoot a 3pt shot outside of Cade unless the clock is on 2 seconds. Also why the hell did ice start and why was he not benched part way through? He can’t make a layup or a free throw to save his life since coming back. He’s been a cinder block around the teams foot ever since he came back. We are playing 4 on 5 offense when he’s on the court.


I agree

Also the refs should be sent home. What a miserable experience watching a free throw shooting contest.

I was high on ice until he came back from injury. As soon as he was playing again we look like sh!t.

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I like his defense but he just has to many deficiencies offensively to me to validate the minutes he gets


Totally agree. Boynton once again showed that he will just let his guys do whatever and there will be no repercussions. We are a terrible three point shooting team and we shot 30 of them tonight. As soon as Walker flavors Williams ke.boone and Moncrieffe touch the ball, they are just going to take a terrible shot.

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I’ve gotten crap about my opinion on Likekele in the past on this board but I’ll say it again. He’s not a power 5 starting guard and is extremely overrated. He can’t shoot or make free throws. Anderson is the future of this program and if boynton thinks that it’s Likekele, we will suffer the consequences next year.


Disappointing loss, there is no denying that. However despite the sour ending, it was a good year. This program desperately need to take a step forward this season and they did. I love the effort this team showed all year.

They will be good next year, even without Cafe. They need to find some shooters though.

For the first time in a long time, I have hope in the future of OSU hoops. Hopefully the postseason ban is lifted next year, and they can take another step forward.


Before the year started my expectations for this team were to make the tourney and win a game in the tourney. They did just that.

The shooting tonight was terrible, but they gave effort and left it all on the floor. Proud of our coach and the players. This is something to build from.

Go do big things in the NBA Cade.

OSU… find a way to keep Boynton in Stillwater longer. Not a Travis Ford contract, just something better than what’s currently in place.


Give him raise!!! Did we have a coach?

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Boynton is starting to prove himself. He is underpaid when you look at the salaries of Big 12 coaches. I’m not saying he deserves Bill Self money. I’m just saying he now deserves better than last in the conference. I think Sherri Coale made more than Boynton this year.

How has he proved himself? By hiring cade’s Brother? Is he better than Travis ford?..yes!!! But that’s setting the bar at the bottom where almost anyone could go above it. He has 0 commitments for next year and we currently have 2 open spots. Expect more than that with flavors either graduating or transferring. Maybe even Williams leaving. The only reason we are not going to the sweet 16 is because boynton doesn’t want to get on his players for taking bad shots and playing selfish out of control basketball. If we didn’t take a single 3 point shot we would have won this game.

In my opinion he proved himself by winning a game in the tournament. Winning tournament games for OSU basketball has been rare in the last 15 years. Boynton certainly has room for improvement, but I wouldn’t mind if OSU added a couple more years to his contract. Sign him through 2026 and pay him middle of the pack amongst Big 12 coaches.

I’m disappointed they lost just like any OSU fan, but I think the excitement for OSU basketball is back and the future looks promising.


Pathetic coaching, typical Boynton no discipline, jack-it-up, street basketball!

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It was a good season. Hope for the best for all.

Lots of blame to go around, but our offense is horrible with Ice in: the ball stalls, he has no outside game, and for some reason he refused to drive at the big men to try and draw the foul.

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He can’t make ft so still no help driving. Except the foul. Buthow he is shooting why foul

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I dont think you need to extend past 2024. All eyes were on OSU this year and that should help with the 2022 class. It should be a solid recruiting class especially with so many top 100 kids out of the state of Texas. He needs to prove he can win without Cade and he can recruit without bringing in a brother of a recruit. Let next season dictate his future/contract. Without adding anyone OSU will have a top 4 team in the big 12 but will he finish that high?!?!