Instacap: Oklahoma State Plays No. 1 Baylor Tough, Still Falls 78-70

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It was a wild ending in Waco.

That was the biggest load of bullsh!t reffing I’ve seen in my life. The borderline mentally ret@rded zebras gave Baylor that game on a silver f@cking platter. I hope all those sh!t a$$ zebras get fired for the poor excuse of officiating I just watched.

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The refs were either incompetent or just plain corrupt. No way was there that extreme difference between the two teams in the second half. The refs just wanted to make sure that Baylor won and got carried away with their calls. If I were Baylor I would be ashamed of how this game was called. They do not deserve a #1 ranking if this is how they have to win games. Shameful.

Worst reffing I have seen in a long time.

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I’ve got to say once again, I love what Boynton does. He made a statement at the end of the game building for the next game. Man I hope he gets this thing turned around this season.