Instacap: Oklahoma State Tops Baylor 83-74, Headed to Big 12 Title Game

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Speed kills. Cowboys headed to title game in KC.

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Avery had a great first half cade had great second.
Cade did carry us around the 5 minute mark.
But what was different boone hit those 2 ft. Then Avery and walker got the 3 pt. Plays and cade ft. Last what 2 min.

Another big thing in my mind, was the Pokes cutting into the rebounding deficit very late second half. Baylor killed us on the offensive rebounds!!


I hope the reason that Ice looks like the worse shooter on the team is because of his injured hand. Did Bryce Williams play any minutes? What’s the reason for his absence?
Good to see Rondell Walker heat up.
I still can’t believe all of the upsets we have seen this season.
The thing that concerns me about the championship game is that Texas got to rest today while the Cowboys have been playing fast and furious the last several days. Advantage to Texas. But what a run it has been. I am interested in how loyal coach Boynton will be once some schools start throwing big money his way. I would bump him up to 3 mill.
I would love to see the Cowboys get to play Illinois in the tournament.
Eddie Sutton and Hank Iba are probably watching these game together up there somewhere.


It was not looking pretty. They were killing the boards and had made some 3’s.

Williams was feeling sick hope its not the virus

Pretty good for a team that has a crappy coach…right Robert?

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I dnt think u were coach

Williams might have caught a bug from that big guy for WVA who was obviously very sick.

Its weird we just had a great win. And the first thing u want to do is attack me.
BTW I never once said boynton was crappy.

When you talk about great players make everyone around them better: Cade fits that bill perfectly!

This was the first game that I really thought Coach Boyton was special. He outcoached the #2 team in the country, and really has me excited to watch him take it to the next level


Yes it was the best overall game for everyone. Like I said 4 guys did something in the last 2 minutes. If u look at the final stats, they actually had great #'s too.


True, but I would rather play the Longhorns in KC vs Kansas in KC!

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Ok PFB: we need to track the number of wins vs ranked teams and the wins vs top 10 teams this year. Has OSU ever won more of them?

The girls will be playing the goonettes soon.

The ESPN crew hit it on the head when they said they have not seen a team mature more this year more than OSU. Consider that these pokes have lost 2 games to TCU and beaten 5 top 10 teams.


Of course no credit to Boynton from Robert. Team just keeps winning games against ranked teams and MADE IT TO THE CONFERENCE TITLE GAME!!!

Give Gundy a pay cut and send it Boynton’s way. It’s pretty obvious who wants to win championships and who doesn’t care to win them.

U do make me feel special but the game is not all about me

Boynton and Cade will be getting paid after this season and deservedly so. Congrats on your promotion and welcome to the hot seat AD Weiberg.

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Whats really weird saying is free throws won the game. Shot twice as many and made alot.