Instacap: Oklahoma States Falls to No. 6 Kansas 76-62

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The Jayhawks ran away with it in the second half.

Well…at least Robert’s favorite defender decided to burn the court up in Allen Fieldhouse with his impressive 2 points, 1 rebound, and 1 assist. I guess that’s what passes for good basketball in his opinion.

Bad all around. Out shots us, out played us, out smarted us, and out coached us. Bouton still has these guys plateaued.

It’s what ur favorite coach calls basketball.
Ice is by no means my favorite.

We got iced


Time for a new coach and a spark to the program…everyone thought Cade Cunningham was gonna be that but it is not the case… boyton gets out coached more than he out coaches… this would be a good year for it as well. Not going to the tourney will give us time to scout out a good hire…

I would say Gundy gets outcoached more than he out coaches. Last night Boynton and team got beat by a better team up and down the roster.

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Boynton isn’t responsible for Ice’s inability to play offense. At some point Ice has to decided if he wants to improve his offensive game. Boynton can’t spend hours in the gym with him for days on end. If Ice has decided offense isn’t his style over the last four years then what can you say.

WHAT? Are you saying to me right now that the coach is not responsible for player development? Do you even think about the things you say?

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Kansas is #6 in the country and has been a basketball powerhouse for a very long time. This is also only the 3rd game this season where the team has lost by double digits. If they were getting hammered every game I could see the justification of ousting Boynton after this season. I don’t see a justification to oust a coach that has a young roster, in a ban year, and has been blown out very few times this season.

Gundy just had one of the greatest seasons in okie state history… they are not the same

The coach is responsible for player development. The player also has a due diligence to improve their own game as well. It’s a lot like our offensive line. Gundy and Dickey have a responsibility to develop them. At the same time they have a responsibility of developing themselves as well. Or maybe they aren’t that good so they can’t. You want Boynton to make Ice a better shooter? Only Ice knows how he can make himself better at that. He could start by going to the free throw line after practice.

Record speaks for itself

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Which is almost always Gundy’s situation with OU… I guess Boynton should be recruiting better, developing players into NBA players, blah blah blah, all the other repetitive, stupid things you always say.

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So, you want to have your cake and eat it too? Got it. That’s all you had to say instead of pretending like you were making a point.

The point is that it’s going to be hard to win at Kansas when the “leader” of the team is putting up 2 points, 1 assist, and 1 rebound. Don’t get upset because you know I’m right.

I’m upset because you’re a clown that doesn’t make me laugh.

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Joey we understand who ku is. U dnt understand ou.
Everything u say about gundy fits boynton and more.
Ur a clown.
When are u going to learn were not even talking about boynton its ur double standards.

What is Boynton’s buyout? We should fire him now and not give him at least 1 more season? Perhaps let him coach a team that can play for the NCAA tournament. You seem a little irrational to me. I’m all for going a different direction if next year looks like this one, but for someone who has coached us to a win in the NCAA tournament I think he deserves 1 more season at the minimum. When was the last time OSU basketball won a NCAA tournament game? 2008-2009?

What I understand is that even by eliminating OU out of the Big 12 championship equation is that Gundy proved we still can’t win another one.

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