Instacap: OSU Coughs Up 19-Point Lead to West Virginia, Loses 87-84

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The Cowboys couldn’t overcome late turnovers and foul trouble.

Pathetic choke job. If this team didn’t collapse every game we’d be undefeated.

Cade has 7 charges in the past 2 games. He’s an incredible player but he needs to calm down and be more aware of his surroundings. On that last charge, he had Williams and Walker both with about 20 feet of wide open space on the outside, and ice wide open across the lane. Cant just blindly lower your head and truck over people all the time.

I didn’t realize with 11 minutes left in the game with a 20 point lead meant we can start going to the end of the bench and start giving minutes to our bench players. Boynton putting in Williams was a clear message that the game was over to his players. The better coached team won

I said this exact same thing. The second he put Williams in was the exact second WVU’s run began. Others will say “well foul trouble” but at the time Anderson had 2 fouls and Cade had 3.

I think I posted some time last week that Cowboy teams don’t know how to put away teams. When they build a nice lead they then slack off and play sloppy. There is no killer instinct. I blame the coaching for that. The Cowboys lost because they were outcoached by one of the best in the business. Donovan Williams was in the game for what reason? He’s not ready for Big 12 play. Huggins made adjustments, Boynton did not. Have to feel sorry for Cade not having the supporting cast. Pathetic loss. Reminded me of the Final Four game when OSU was up 17 points against Syracuse and ended up losing because we got out coached.

Excited to see @ar1 and @joe15’s comments on this game. I don’t know how yet, but I’m sure somehow this was all Gundy’s fault.


Cade does have a supporting cast. Ice dominated the first half. Williams is by far their best defender as well as their best shooter. Walker can hang with anyone too, and other than tonight Anderson has played really well. We just always resort to standing around and watching Cade try to do it all himself in the 2nd half every game. I’m not sure if that’s Boynton’s fault, or the media’s fault for giving Cade a big head, but if they just stick to what was working all game they woulda been just fine. Seemed to me Cade had zero interest in passing the ball any time he got it the last 6-7 minutes.

4 double digit leads choked in the second half. There needs to be a major change. We have been in very winnable positions in every conference game just to choke and let the other team back in. Getting very old.

Up 19 with a chance for another big win and some momentum going forward and they blow it. I hate to say it but this isn’t a tournament team. NIT bound if it’s going to happen. Lot of questions going forward.

I’m a big Mike Boynton fan, but this particular choke job (and the overall pattern of choke jobs) is on the coach. Poor in-game decision making and inability to maintain composure. I hope MB grows into the in-game coach this team needs before it is too late.

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Still think they’re a tourney team. They have 3 loses by a combined 6 points, two of those to top 15 teams. But as you said, finishing needs to get better. They had big leads in all three of those games. Not to play the shoulda woulda coulda game, but just think if they don’t blow the huge lead tonight and they hold on to the 7 point lead in Austin… they’d be 9-1 with 3 top 15 wins and staring the top 10 right in the face, with one of the best resumes in the country. Just need to figure out their 2nd half woes and they’ll be fine.

When we see this same outcome and pattern in so many games so far it makes me wonder what the kids we are trying to recruit are now thinking about OSU as one of the teams on their lists? It would scare me away. They can’t play consistently good ball for all 40 minutes. Boynton needs to figure this out quickly. Likely was impressive however. The team needs to use Super Glue to offset the butter fingers that we saw.

Man Boytnon is just too much of a players coach and it shows in his teams. He needs to know when to call timeouts, know when to yell at his players. He’s creating a pattern of wacky play and droughts and loosing streaks and winnings streaks. There just seems to be no consistency in his teams. Time to start questioning.


Mom sent them to bed. Its a school night .


Usually I support Boynton. I’ll say though that this one is on him. No reason to let a 19 point lead erode like it did. I think the Boone twins best skill is their fouling abilities. Also, 64 percent free throw shooting.

Cade took too many 3’s and this team has to learn to play defense and stop fouling so much. If I’m not mistaken we had 26 fouls in this game? I told you all that I’ll call it like I see it. It’s not just Gundy I criticize. When I see a problem I’ll point it out. Unlike our Gundy apologists. I’ll tell it like it is and won’t sugarcoat it.


Boynton leaving either of the Boone twins in with less than 5 minutes to go was probably the worst decision he could’ve made. Those boys are fouling machines.

The Boone twins are an example that high school super stars don’t always become that at the next level. They are still playing like freshmen at times.

They were three star recruits. Hardly classified as stars.

The loss was definitely coaching and not being able to handle that much pressure. I know we had some foul trouble but couldn’t we have went to full court pressure and slowed their comeback?