Instacap: OSU Defeats WVU 72-69 to Move to Big 12 Semifinals

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The Cowboys advance to the next round in Kansas City.

Praying K State pulls some wild sh!t off today. The first half of the game was pure slop and the last 20 seconds solidified it. Glad Boynton got them straightened out for the most part in halftime. I have no idea what Ice was doing during his time off but it should’ve been practicing FTs. Absolutely embarrassing how he is still that bad at them.


The biggest thing was going 6 minutes without a trunover. That let’s u take the lead.
It was an ugly game

If anyone beats Baylor it would be best we do it.

We aren’t resume building who cares if someone else beats them. Easier path for us.

It would be nice to actually beat a top ten team. I’m thinking wer a 4 seed. A Baylor win would get us a a 2 or 3 seed. Keep us away from one seed.
This is an odd season with the rite seed we could make a run

We have beaten multiple top 10 teams what are you talking about?

We want Baylor. Beat Baylor and we could be a 3 seed. Win the Big 12 by beating West Virginia, Baylor and Texas/Kansas and they might pull a 2 seed depending on other conference tourneys.

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Some good hustle and a lot of luck won the game. I think at times when Cade is dribbling or passing he has too much confidence and that equals turnovers. Nice to see Ice back in a game. Rusty but effective today. Hopefully he will find a high school gym today where he can practice free throw shooting. Cowboys dominating second half rebounding was in my eyes the difference in the outcome of the game. Strange that they played better without Cade and Ice. We could be even better if Montcrieff could foul less. I think he needs to be on the court as much as possible. Rondell Walker has not been a factor in quite awhile now. I wonder what the problem is with him?
Do you think Yor Anei might be regretting his transfer now?

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Lunardi has us at a 3 already. I’d rather pass on Baylor.

Oh u mean like ou. Ou was a number 7 now they are the 7th seed in the big 12.
Ku may be the only top ten left.
I said it was an odd year
We have a nice team but what 6 top ten win really
Like I said by next poll we may have 1.
Reality is had for u

This right here proves why you are retarded Robert. Paste eating monkey.

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U already crying I’m sorry ur an idiot.
Seriously who is a top ten team we have beat. The polls say none rite now. Wv was 10 u know they won’t be.

Alright if you want to play that game how many of Gundy’s top 25 wins you won’t shut the f*ck up about don’t count then since the team dropped out of the top 25? Retard.

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Wow look who can rite now. Slow down there SWEETIE.
U really get to crying. But I belive at the end of the year gundy went 2and 2 with top 25 and 1 and 1 with top ten

Rite forgot them. Its hard to think there top ten sorry.
I said odd year.

Right after the game the Sports Center host made a huge mistake declaring OSU is banned from the NCAA tournament so conference tournament is all there is for OSU.
We know who the real coach of the year is in the Big 12. Mike Holder gets to ride off into the sunset looking really wise.


You claim I’m a Gundy hater but then pull this sh!t talking about how these wins don’t count as top 10 for our basketball team. You are a bad fan as you like to say Robert.

I would count them but they just dnt in the end. Sorry its not me. Football would be 4 and 2 if we could count what the team was, at the time of game.
This goes back to reality