Instacap: OSU Loses in Dramatic Finish at TCU 81-78

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The Pokes’ late-game execution faltered in a heartbreaking loss.

Embarrassing game. Ice and Boone were 0 help. Half the team wasn’t ready to play whatsoever. Turnover issue again. Couldn’t get a rebound. Cade slept half the game and sold it in the last 10 seconds. Refs were complete dogshit. Such a terrible loss. That game should’ve been won or gone to OT. There is no reason it should’ve ended in regulation as a loss. Refs were bullshitting hard on that no call on the charge at the end. 3 point swing to end it from stupidity and ref BS.

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HORRIBLE loss to a trash TCU team. bball team with enough talent to play with anyone but poorly coached is the perfect juxtaposition to well coached football team with medicore talent.

Maybe I’m being too critical, but I thought the coaching was trash this game. Cade is knocking down nearly all of his free throws and with less than a minute left in the game you have him inbounding the ball??? You’re telling me you don’t have a play to get your best clutch free throw shooter the ball in crunch time??? Something else I couldn’t figure out is why we have 1 or no people outside of the lane during free throws. I understand late in games when you’re up you put everybody back, but this was happening with plenty of time left in the second half and some of our free throw misses went right to where we had nobody there to rebound. This loss is not on the players IMO, it’s on the coach. Players made enough plays to win this game. Coach didn’t put players in positions to win the game. That’s his job and he failed.

Talented players but poor coaching and bad officiating. I would like to know what our record is over the years with Jenkins as the ref.

Hard to argue with any of those comments. The play that summed the game up was the late steal with three cowboys breaking down court on one defender. Can’t remember who fell and turned the ball over. Couldn’t get out of their own way. Ouch…

Refs sucked big time. As for the coach…when the other team is going on a run you have to settle your team down…you don’t just stand there with your hands in your pockets and wait for the team to get back in the game. Every game this season when the other team goes on a run the coach does NOTHING. Lousy coaching will lose you the game every time. Looks like we are going to have a season full of examples of bad coaching…(but he recruits well.)

Anytime you get Higgins you’re screwed but we slept walked 3/4 of the game. Don’t know about anyone else but I want to see someone’s a** eaten out over dumb dumb turnovers plus missed free throws. No sense in it, light their a** up about it.

Really lousy play especially the first half. Game full of ill advised passes equal turnovers. Not sure if Ice is exhausted or what is the matter with his play. Boone was way off tonight. It’s up to the coach to draw up plays to get Cade more involved in the first half. Embarrassing play is right along with terrible calls by the ref. The guy who lost the ball toward the end with wild running was the reason we could not pull it out. A basket on that play would have iced the game. I think it was Anderson who fumbled that play going too fast as he tends to do and then loses control and we lose the game. But nice to see Flavors nail some 3 pointers. And looking at Cade play I was wondering if he is hindered by the after effects of having had the virus, although it did not hamper him during the last game. These Pokes look wiped out. And Boone regressed. Just a poor showing all around.

I would like to know what the basis is for saying we have enough talent to play with anyone is? We have one nba player on this squad and definitely don’t have the size or shooting to compete with just anyone. Definitely don’t have the coaching

Three other guys open for a drive to the basket or a perimeter shot and he tries to drive into 4 opposing players. Boynton needs to start practicing a 2 minute offensive and defensive set with this team.

Boy the talk was alot different 24 hrs ago. :upside_down_face::thinking::crazy_face::woozy_face::dizzy_face::exploding_head::partying_face::cowboy_hat_face:

What are you talking about? I’ve said In the past I would criticize Boynton and the basketball team for a poor performance. It’s not like I’m going to say how great they are if they can’t beat TCU. I know Gundy has a TCU problem too and I criticized him for it. I try my best to be fair.

I imagine it has something to do with blowing a 19 point lead to WV and a double digit lead to Texas which lead to losses.

Also the fact that for most of the game they played the #2 team in the country close without Cade before falling apart.

That’s probably what he means by that. They are capable of being good and also capable of being bad. Kind of reminded me of the 2018 OSU football team in a way.

I know u think everyone is talking to u. That post was to everyone last week talk it up

Was everyone really talking this team up last week? I think most people were saying they have potential. Don’t remember anyone saying they were going to win the Big 12 or make a deep run in the tournament.

Talking up team is what I said and what was happening.
I have no idea what U r talking about

Yea I can see that, I just think people have absurd expectations for a team that’s not near as good as we want to believe they are.

This is the same team we start with. 1 starter 3 upper class men. Good talents that think they can do more. No center. A bunch of guy who cant shoot ft. A coach who cant corral the talent. But overall inconsistent.

My thing is he hasn’t recruited as well as people say. I honestly think Cade has played himself out of being the top pick.