Instacap: OSU Outlasts Texas Tech in Classic Big 12 Shootout

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Back to the Big 12 shootouts of yesteryear.

pretty pathetic of gundy to go into his shell and try to run out the clock with a quarter and half left of game to play. Dezmon was great, Gundy was terrible. He’s lucky Matt Wells was a little worse.


This dude is trying to get fired lol

Agree 100% end of first qtr clock management or total “lack thereof” have you noticed on “our time” no one seems to buy in

Can we not have one game where it doesn’t come down to special teams having to recover and onside kick to avoid possibly losing?

That’s twice this season that’s OSU’s held a double digit lead in the 4th quarter and had to recover the ball on an onside kick and run out the clock. Marks the third time this season that’s OSU’s been forced to recover an onside to avoid losing (Iowa State, K State, and Tech).

Why does every game seem like it has to come down to the wire or that we implement a strategy to make sure the team is playing down to the level of the competition?

The defense better be glad that Tech turns the ball over more than OSU. Otherwise, this may look like another Tech win for the third year in a row.

Lol any time an offense doesn’t score y’all just chalk it up to conservatism huh? There’s no other variables possibly in play in football, right? It’s either you play conservative, or it’s a 100% guarantee that you score if you don’t? Is that how it works? We got conservative one time, at the very end of the first half. That came one minute after we had just fumbled deep in our own territory. That can cause a little bit of skepticism. In the 4th if Jackson doesn’t fumble OSU is up 13 with the ball and they’re gonna sleep on it until the clock runs out. Unfortunately, Jackson made his one mistake in a day of otherwise pure dominance and it almost cost us. On the following possession, Gundy could have kicked a FG for the lead but decided to risk it and go for it on 4th down. Jackson ended up easily jogging down to inside the 5 and kneeling the ball. Besides, OSU had over 300 yards rushing and was slaughtering tech on the ground. Why does choosing to run the ball some more constitute conservatism when it’s been working all day? What’s Gundy supposed to do, run a flea flicker Hail Mary up 3 possessions in the 4th? Especially when sanders started getting wild with his throws in the 2nd half, it made sense to stick with what was working. Unfortunately, Jackson just fumbled the ball. The game was close, once again, because of turnovers. Not conservatism. Just like Texas, just like Iowa state. Without turnovers, none of those three teams even have a chance in the game.

That’s cool I suppose. Still doesn’t change the fact he’s one of the most conservative coaches in college football. He’s 1-3 as a favorite in Bedlam (Because of his conservatism) and 2-14 overall.

His conservatism is the overall factor of why we’ve also had so many close games that shouldn’t have been close at all (Not just this season, but several seasons before).

He coaches like it’s the 1980’s again. I regards to turnovers. Maybe Gundy should invest more time into make sure his players practice not the turning the ball over?

I’d almost argue that he got TOO aggressive in the 2nd half at times. Sanders started the game 12-15 for 183 yards in the first half, and they were all coming off short to intermediate throws in a spread field. Not only did it make the passing game super easy for sanders, but it opened up lanes for Jackson. Then after halftime they switched up the passing schemes and started just launching go routes a bunch which would lead to incompletions and we’d be forced to hand it off or punt, which was stupid. Sanders is fine when the field is spread and he has options over the field, but when they only send one or two guys out on routes and they’re deep where those are the only options he starts making forced dumb decisions. No idea why they did that. They did that with Shane too vs OU and Shane was having a terrible time with accuracy on those deep balls.

I do agree conservatism has cost him over and over throughout his career though. I was just talking about Saturday.

It’s goes back to making the system fit the player instead of making the player fit the system. If he can’t do it then you don’t force him to try and do it. You have him practice it in the off-season and get better at it until he actually proves in a game he can do it.

In the right offense, he has proved it. It’s when they switch things up and force him out of his comfort zone when he starts to press. That’s on Dunn and Gundy.

Sanders has a lot of JW Walsh qualities in my opinion. The only difference is Walsh took care of the ball just a little bit better. He can run and make short and intermediate throws. I think Walsh was better making his reads and checking down. Both can’t throw an accurate vertical pass down the field with consistency.