Instacap: OSU Takes Down No. 6 Texas 75-67 in Double Overtime

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It was ugly but a W is a W.

Does anyone have bleach for my eyes? That was a miserable experience all around. OSU looked like trash as well as Texass. Glad we won in the end but it was pure pain attempting to watch this game.

It still looks to me that Cade might still be less effective because he had the virus.
The team looked fatigued during the game and that does not bode well for having to play again on Monday night. No M.A., Ice playing with a foot injury, Rondell Walker was not a factor and a bandage was noticed on his finger so he is another guy with some kind of injury. Yet they still managed to pull it off. Kudos to Boone and the play of Avery Anderson. Texas will be knocked out of the top ten with this loss. Cowboys knocked off two teams ranked number 6 and that should count for something with the selection committee depending on how they fare the rest of the season. But the number of injuries is a big concern going forward. All that practice with defense this week paid dividends. Nice to see Boynton get so excited with the W.

This team’s athleticism, length and quickness is ideal for a zone defense. Texas has great athletes, but they obviously had no idea what to do against our zone.

I do believe if they had a full roster, played in sync for 40 minutes, limited turnovers and hit free throws, they could beat Baylor. but that is four “ifs” in a row…

Coach B was fired up after the win and I’m happy we found a way to pull it out. The turnovers are a huge problem and have been the entire season. Cade and Avery combined for 13 turnovers and as a team our guards were responsible for 21 of 22 turnovers. This has to be addressed quickly. I found Boynton’s comment about Coach Sutton and Iba being proud of this performance. Texas shot the ball horribly and especially from 3. They went 5-35 on 3’s and shot 25% overall. That wasn’t all attributed to lock down D. 7 games left with 2 that we should win and others will all be a grind.

I’ll take an ugly win over the No. 6 in the country anytime.

I love it when people describe a basketball game as ugly or messy because the truth is almost everytime it was just a great defensive game

That wasn’t good defense today. 5-35 on 3’s and 25 of them were uncontested. It was an ugly win, but a win non the less!

Idk about that. How many times did OSU hand the ball straight to a Texass player or how many times did a Texass player step out of bounds without being forced? It was an ugly game in all facets. I’m glad we won but ■■■■ that was painful to watch on either side I’m sure.

I hear what you’re saying but the d also had really good pressure on the ball that had Texas clearly out of rhythm.