Instacap: Shorthanded Cowboys Upset No. 6 Mountaineers 85-80

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The Cade-less Cowboys ruined WVU’s Senior Day activities.


Hell of a win man. Anderson played out of his mind. The team kept cool with the major foul troubles down the stretch. No Cade no Ice no problem. This team will be in good hands post Cade. Time to make a deep run.

Why is the conference rewarding teams for not playing all their conference games? This team has done everything ask of them and 3 teams above them are rewarded for not getting it done.

As a quote from Cade Cunningham:
"Don’t be disrespecting my dogs like that "


Baylor has more wins than OSU even though they played less games: no debate there.
Texas still plays tomorrow, if they lose OSU goes ahead of them.
WVU: 11-6 vs our 11-7. If We don’t blow a 19 point lead in Stilly we would be ahead of them.
If we don’t lose twice to TCU we would be ahead of them.
We still have had a very successful season:
Beat KU, WVU, OU, OU, Tech, Tech, Texas& Arkansas. Bye in first round of B12. I’m happy so far.

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If you don’t have to play the games then we should have just played 1 and went undefeated.

Thats really weird u had no problem with it earlier in the year. I guess, not fitting ur narrative.

First, great game all the way round.
Great for the boone twins.
I dnt like using excuses like the refs. One thing if ur know to foul or play out of control then it is in their mind to call fouls.
Hope we get a center next ur at least another big.
Debbie downer stuff
Its hard to imagine winning a game with all those fouls and turnovers

If you played one game and won, at 1-0 you would be 10 games behind Baylor. It’s like the MLB standings. I’m sure there were still minimums to win the league.

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I’m pretty sure this is what u call making excuses.

Good job boys and coach B