Instacap: Texas Tech Destroys Oklahoma State 85-50

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OSU falls to 9-4 on the season.

Beard is just tiers beyond boyton. Boyton hasnt accomplished really anything in his time here and OSU assuredly will miss the tournament again.

Unfortunately, all that we have to look forward to is “wait till next season.”
Obviously, Ice is not fully recovered. I wonder if he has Mononucleosis?

It’s one game. Tech isn’t as good as they looked and OSU isn’t as bad as they looked. Sometimes games just get out of hand. It’s a long season that has just started, and OSU will win a good number of games, keep the faith.


You don’t need to wonder. He had mono. He had recovered by his energy level hasn’t yet . Gonna take a while. Hopefully in a couple weeks he is himself again and gets game shape back.

This is a big year for him still. Next year is his year for sure. When we get Cade Cunningham and another 4 star. Develop Ice and Anei another year.

Next year is kinda the year we see what we have. I was hopefully to make the NCAA tourney this year. I though we were a lock but we look like we suck something awful again. I hope it was just a bad game and Ice is clearly not well yet. His energy level and his game shape is not there yet clearly. I look to get blown out again tonight.