Instant Recap: Cowboys Clinch Spot in Big 12 Championship Game with Double-Overtime Win against BYU

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OSU will play for a Big 12 title for the second time in three years.

Well the pokes made it to intersting and might not have enough to beat Texas next week…but i love that the sooner fans are crying for a 2nd time this yr when it comes to big bro OSU


This was a bad game. Just like bedlam. I hope they can get it together next week.

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For the 2nd straight week, OSU gets down big, I turn the game off, and OSU comes back to win.
I guess I’m not watching the game against Texas next week LOL!

Glad we won, but in all honesty, it doesn’t look good against Texas. I expect us to be at least a 14 point underdog.

I would say that’s it completely hilarious to watch these OU fans lose their minds on the internet right now.


The way this season has gone I wouldn’t be surprised if we found a way to beat TX.

My gut tells me we’re screwed just like I thought today but somehow OG2 comes to the rescue.

I hope he can do it one more time…!!!


They’re salty!


I actually think we have a better chance against UT. When we’re underdogs, we play with a little fire and Dunn gets more creative. See the OU performance as an example. Its in these games where Dunn and Gundy seem to think we can just line up, play base, and win that we get ourselves in trouble.


The comments this year have been Dunn this and Dickey that and Gundy this, but did you look in the stands for today’s game. A chance at a big 12 championship and the stands aren’t even close to being full. I give credit to the people that were there because they got pretty loud, but the turnout was disappointing. The coaches will never say it, but the fans came up short, not the coaches. The OSU fans need to show up in Arlington because you know the Texas fans will.


Bowman scares me with his inconsistent passing. He’s lucky his receivers are so talented. He gets away with it against lesser teams. I think Texas destroys us but it’s been such a surprise season that it doesn’t matter. Preseason I was sure this team could do no better than 7 wins if they got really lucky because they lacked a good QB and a pretty banged up not so good O-line.
Soft schedule and costly mistakes by some opponents that resulted in wins showed that OSU for a change had lady luck on their side this season. Amazing outcome.
I guess a few reasons for lack of full house today. Thanksgiving vacation, bad weather, and all of us thought this would be a sure victory over a bad team. The fans showed up big for the other games when the season looked doomed, so I have no complaints about our fans.
Time to take this program to a higher level by bringing back Yurcich and finding a talented QB .


I never thought this would be a cakewalk, I watched BYU pay the goons last week and if not for that boneheaded int that won the game for uo
Texas got up on KSTATE but KSTATE had a chance to beat Texas , Klieman went for the win instead of overtime and missed
If we bring our A game we can play with them… their starting rb is out and Worthy went out last night. Texas DL will be a problem

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Dont know what everyone here thinks but bottom line if we don’t hit Texas hard and fast Then its is game over. mark my words.


Agreed. We can’t get off to another slow start or it’s over early.

Yep we wont have time time to analyze things, I"s survival of the of the The fitness.


I’m not sure I agree with this. Texas has been the team punching in the first half then hanging on for their wins. What we’ll need to is not let them land their big punches early and keep it a game going into the 2nd half. We can’t get down 18+ points like we have the past 3 games.


Texas got up big on KSt and barely hung on to win. K St started running the hurry up game and I think they gasses Texas. Texas DL is scary

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The students didn’t show up. I thought the rest of the stadium was filled decently for the weather though. Not sure what the students were doing they have to be back in Stillwater tomorrow night anyways. Pretty pathetic on their part.

I think we have no chance against Texas unless they completely melt down. I’m just happy we have an opportunity to play for it because coming into this year I thought we were 7-8 win team. After September I thought we were a 3-9 team. The fact that we get to a chance to go to Arlington with probably our worst team since 18-19 bodes well for our program.

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That’s part of it, but don’t kid yourself on the “sold out” claims.
Administration has been dumping tickets into the reseller market so they can claim “sold out”. They even push adverts to me for these 3rd party sellers.

Wonder what the stands would look like if they sold tickets at wholesale to the fans?

Defense actually played “good” in the 1st half even giving the O an almost redzone short field to score from.
Offensive 1st half was “digging our own grave” bad:

  • 2 FG’s
  • Pick Six
  • 4 Punts
  • 1 turnover on downs

It definitely should have been better with what was on the line but the students are the ones that really didn’t show up last night. Especially with class starting again on Monday they should’ve been there.