Instant Recap: Cowboys Clinch Spot in Big 12 Championship Game with Double-Overtime Win against BYU

Yep I hate to say it but I agree. Texas has better talent and it looks like they finally have their Sh&t together this year.


Tuck Fexas… I hope they fall flat on their face and we send them and the gooners to the SEC with no trophy…!! Go Pokes…!!


I see this team as more than Ollie Gordon. I mean Bowman, Deon Johnson and Presley has a lot to do with the comeback, and that’s not even mentioning the defense.


I don’t disagree. I don’t think I ever referenced the defense as the reason we were down 18 points. I’ve been pretty clear that my issue with OSU is the craptastic OC.

Maybe Dunn will get poached after the CCG, right?

Could we get so lucky?