Instant Recap: Cowboys Hold Tough but Can't Finish against No. 6 Longhorns

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The shorthanded Pokes came up just short.

Same song just different verse.


Nothing comes easy when we run our half court offense. If you can call it an offense. It’s been this way for many years. Everything is contested, everything is a struggle. Can we not create something that gives us a few open looks here and there? Frustrating to watch. We have enough talent, but there is always an excuse. This league is really tough (excuse), injuries (excuse), ncaa ban/probation (excuse), crowd size smaller and less noisy (excuse). Somebody needs to step up and get the program back where it’s supposed to be. All the talent in the world isn’t going to fix that half court offense. We are so bad at it, I don’t understand why we don’t try to run more and not be content with setting up in the half court.

If they’re going to keep Boynton one of the assistants needs to be fired and an offensive minded guy needs to be brought in. Boynton can recruit and get these guys to play some hard nose defense but he has no idea how to get them to run a competent offense. Every single year this team is rated at the top of 360 teams for defense but ■■■■ near the bottom for offense and FT shooting.

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Maybe BT has been overrated this entire time….makes me sad. But a 5 star who goes from Rock Chalk to Go Pokes is not supposed to only score 5 points vs Texas at home in the early portion of conference play.