Instant Recap: Cowboys Outlast Mountaineers 27-13

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Oklahoma State survives to win its Big 12 opener.

It was ugly but I’ll take it. Gotta stop playing not to lose.


this was a really good win, in my opinion. Given all the adversity early in the season, and with some crazy things happening to ranked teams in 2020 (lol OU), I’m very pleased. thank God we’ve got Kansas and a bye week next. hopefully we see a healthy, refreshed team ready to dominate after that

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My 10 Thoughts:

  1. Surprisingly we averaged 5 ypc on the ground even when most of the game it didn’t feel like it. I think 100 of the 203 rushing yards came from three running plays.

  2. I’m sorry but Illingworth needs more than 21 pass attempts. I understand wanting to be cautious but he isn’t going to develop handing it off all the time and throwing short quick passes. That’s how scared coaches try to coach.

  3. I could be wrong but I feel like Hubbard is hurt, and it’s one of many reasons we probably seen more L.D. Brown.

  4. Speaking of L.D. Brown I think it’s safe to say he did a good job given the OL he has right now.

  5. I told people the OL wouldn’t be fixed in a week and it looks like that’s true. Take away the Brown and Hubbard touchdown runs, and this team averages 3 ypc on the night.

  6. Defense looks solid, but I would like to see them against a team that has a pulse offensively.

  7. Overall a sloppy game with not very many wow moments, but I guess a win is a win. You could be OU today so be glad you aren’t.

  8. They need to take care of the football better. OSU fumbled three times and luckily they recovered two of the three.

  9. We’ve officially gone from a Mike Leach Offense to a Bob Simmons Offense in a matter of two seasons.

  10. I posted this on Crimson and Cream Machine:

The fact of the matter is OU practically surrendered 24 unanswered points in a matter of 20 minutes or less. You all should be going, and sticking signs in Alex Grinch’s yard letting people know his house is for sale.

When you have a QB from the opposing team that’s lucky to throw for 200 yards a game going for over 300, and you make a walk-on WR that’s a slow white dude (Drake Stoops) look like your best hope for a Biletnikoff. Then there are some serious issues.

It does seem like Chuba is nursing some kind of injury. I wish we had a healthy O line so we could see what LD Brown is really capable of doing. I think it was a smart call to bring in the former juco RB for a few plays so they could get a sense what he is capable of doing in case they need another RB for future games. When he came in the game it confirmed my suspicions that Chuba was not 100%. Because we have a freshman QB we aren’t able to call upon our loaded stable of receivers. We also saw where the defense is vulnerable. Short passes over the middle. I think our QB needs to be passing there too instead of short yardage passes to the sideline. Stoner is not being used enough. Jelani is doing a great job of blocking.

Hubbard been involved with all 4 fumbles, not good. We got to figure out the middle on defence. We haven’t seen a running qb. Our qb. Is fine he has thrown it around to different players. We do need more 10yd passes. Not so many bubble c ap. Rb. And right end passes. Presley on jet sweep. Gundy not going to open it up to much. Remember lunt 4 int. Hell ou fres. Had 3 in a lose. Gundy won with a true fres. Great team effort. Lot of players doing what they to do and some doing more.


settle down there kiddo. I’m assuming you’re a kid. We have a true freshman QB who we are trying to let manage the game. Great game plan. Let defense win and run the ball. Throw some.
We will throw more at times but trying to get Shane some experience slowly.

Actually, I turn 42 this November. I stand behind what I said, but that’s just my opinion. No more, No less.