Instant Recap: Cowboys Stay Hot, Blow Past Jayhawks 31-13

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OSU took care of Kansas.

Whatever you do, don’t fire Jim Knowles. He may know what he’s doing.


Our offense was not good. Our inconsistent QB is still holding us back.

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Spencer was good today. We score 40 points if our kicker makes those kicks. So I’d say our offense was good today.


If and buts were candy and nuts, etc. First, he didn’t make them, strike one. Second, we had to settle for field goals, strike two. Third, our QB is limited passing the ball. It’s stifling our offensive explosiveness and many times our ability to move the chains. I fully understand that he’s a RSFreshman. But he’s still very inaccurate and of course his decision making is subpar.

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He had a beautiful deep ball to Stoner. Braydon Johnson looks like he kind of gave up on another good deep ball so let’s stop with they “he can’t throw deep” thing. It seems to be the offensive game plan.


You understand that his thumb was bothering him for a good chunk of the time he was in, right?

Yes, explain the other 9 games.

First-year adjusting…? He’s going to have some shaky moments.

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Agree. Will he? Hope so. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

That’s why he should got some game time last year.


Oh, absolutely. We’ve all repeated that in different threads ad nauseum. Him and Brown both.

One of the FGs came with :01 second on the clock in 1st half. So erase that miss. The other miss was on a Dru Brown & LD drive. So 1 FG due to SS running the Offense.

Spencer has been getting noticeably better every week. That is all you can really ask for for a guy who is starting his first collegiate season. There was once a time where thought that he may be a bust but now I see the potential that he has. The pas 3 games he has been making throws that he couldn’t make in the latter part of the season. We just need to stop running the ball on every single first down and try to do more RPO than designed QB runs. Spencer does run far too much a game for my liking.


We were up 31-0 at the end of the third quarter with no points scored from the defense or because of turnovers and your disappointed with the QB?!?

Yes. What I’m disappointed in is his development. He’s limiting our offensive production. Maybe its because he’s inexperienced. Maybe he won’t ever develop. Who knows at this point.

Disappointed in his development? He started the year unable to do anything in the red zone throwing picks and fumbling the ball every time a defender got in the backfield. but He has eliminated the sack-fumbles and is throwing less picks. and if his red zone performance in his two awful games against Tech and Baylor is anything to go by, he has improved in that area as well (he hasn’t been in the red zone at all the last month due to our offense’s refusal to get tackled once they hit the 20 yard line). I’m not happy with his performance, because I want to see him air it out because it seems that he gets 30 yards every time he tries, but his development has been really good.

The pass schemes are hurting him more than his ability to make plays. SS would be tearing it up if they used quick passes over the middle of the field. I heard the guy on TV say Gundy said the oSu offense doesn’t need to throw the ball to the RB. Why? This offense has gone from instant success to taking a NFL quality QB with the experience in the system to make effective reads. Used to be taking what the defense gave or finding the gaps in zone schemes to get the ball out quickly.

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