Instant Recap: Oklahoma State Comes Back to Beat Houston 43-30

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One more.

It never fails. OSU is playing like hot garbage, I switch to watch another game, and OSU comes alive LOL!


How bout you just stop watching for my personal sake.


Also does this work for basketball or do we still lose those after you stop watching?


Basketball is a lost cause…

  1. I might have to lol. Doesn’t happen all the time, but more than I would care to admit.
  2. I stopped watching men’s BB awhile ago. There’s no hope there.

I know man it’s so frustrating. Can’t even do the easy stuff.

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That was the biggest turn around ever. Crazy and weird. I’m getting tired of the mood swings but I guess it’s ok if I’m happy at the end.


What a second half! This team is back baby let’s gooooo


I’ll take it. Just hope we don’t start out like that the next game or two.

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Who do we need to lose in the Iowa St vs Texas game? I was thinking our easiest path would be Iowa St to lose. These updated rules got me confused.

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I was a huge fan of Warren but I’m a bigger Ollie fan now. If not for Ollie I’m not sure what our record is.

Jay hawks looking good so far last I seen

Imagine if we actually had a QB who could throw the ball. We are winning with a guy who completes 58% of his throws. He’s 94th in the country for QBR. Ollie is literally saving the season. Props to O line play too.

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It’s painful but root for Texas. Iowa state is the only second place team that owns the tie break over is.

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I guess PFB didn’t like that. My apologies. You need to be a Longhorny and g……a……¥……hawk fan tonight.

Of course, when you have to root for Texas to win, they’re locked into a FG war with Iowa State. Night games in Ames are such a nightmare lol.

The way we play it’s fortunate we are going up against teams with losing records. We would be unbeatable if we had a QB like Houston has. Gundy each week tells what Bowman is doing wrong. Then how come Bowman has not self corrected yet?
I’m most concerned now with the true status of Ollie’s ankle. BYU will be going after that ankle if Ollie is able to play by then.
Finally play calling an abundance of the number 80. About time that happened. BYU will be covering Presley, so change the focus to Bray and Leon. Then when those cats are smothered, it’s Owens time for deep ball.
We need to lure Yurcich back. Never could figure out how to spell his name. Maybe Houston fires D.H. and he returns as play caller here. Not likely
Playing at home we should do better first half.
I just wish Bowman threw better.

That was what i was thinking. Bowman the first half today had me wanting to set the couch on fire and Ollie not getting involved sooner. At times it looks like we are still using the deep ball to open the run game. Ooh I was getting irritated.

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