Instant Recap: Oklahoma State Guaranteed Losing Record After 77-71 Loss to UCF

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OSU dropped to 12-16 with three games left.

Yep……the Boynton theme continues.

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Boyton should resign and cut the Bull Jerky. Take the money he did not deserve and tell osu thanks for the opportunity given.

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Same sad story: 5 for 20 from [3] = 25%; 16 for 32 from [2] = 50%
The good news: FT% =80%; only 11 turnovers.
2 and 9 this season in games <5 pts. At least this one was 6 pts.

Left out the part where they went over 5 minutes at the end of the game with out a fg.

We will soon find out what kind of leadership we have in our AD Chad Weiberg.

Out rebounded something like 40-27. Absolutely inexcusable. Not hard to understand why season ticket holders won’t drive from Tulsa or OKC to watch this horrible mess. Oops, I forgot! Not Boynton’s fault. Not enough NIL!


We already know what kind of leadership we have in Chad. He and the rest of the new administration don’t have a hair on their bass to make a fire or a hire. Just coasting along collecting checks.

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Well at least we don’t have to worry about being snubbed by the NCAA selection committee this year.

Although OSU should be able to perform better than this, the expectations for OSU basketball are far higher than the realism of OSU’s history. OSU has basically had two Hall of Fame coaches and after that a bunch of nobodies. Check out OSU’s career series versus selected teams:
Missouri 42-77
Kansas St 59-87
Oklahoma 107-141
Nebraska 54-64, what a joke
Colorado 61-48, one of only 2 winning series in the old B8
Creighton 19-22
St Louis 31-17, we should dominate them.

Yahoo says its there 34 to our 25, but point taken. Diallo only has 2, but their guards and forwards killed us. Box out, boys!

We haven’t had to worry about that since November.