Instant Recap: Oklahoma State Loses Big 12 Opener to Iowa State, 34-27

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That’s back-to-back losses for the Cowboys.

Heads need to roll.

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Looks like that bowl and winnng season streak is coming to end.
Major change is needed or mediocrity continues.

Roberto go into witness protection yet?

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I’m assuming it’ll be like last week: he’ll be on here at some point and will blame the players not executing. :person_shrugging:

Nothing will change folks. Gundy is playing the long game. You guys asking for him to be fired are dreaming. Gundy is playing and planning for 2025 and 2026. Deal with it sunglasses.

We’re still not very good but at least we stuck with one QB. He may not be the right QB but at least we looked more like a normal team and was somewhat competitive. It will be interesting to see which QB gets the nod against KState. We flipped 67 and 71 today on the Oline. Didn’t seem to make that much of a difference. Still way to many missed assignments. I thought we took some good steps forward since the last game on Offense but still a long way to go. Defense still looks confused at times. Too many guys running wide open in the secondary. The effort today was better. Hope it’s a little something they can build on.

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Have you not figured it out yet? It is live tryouts this year. Cut the fat. Bolster the weak spots next year. Gundy is playing the long game.

He’s going to have to embrace the portal and NIL and really go after some talents. Otherwise, I think this is what we are going to get for a while.

Oh yeah, needs to trim some coaching fat too.


I think if that was the case he wouldn’t had gone with a rental QB. You should building to win and coach to win that’s why he’s getting paid so much. With OU and Texas being gone there’s not much excuse not to compete for the big 12 championship and a playoff spot each season.

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Agreed, I got a feeling he’ll get tired of the changing landscape and retire. The donors and higher ups won’t tolerate too long. I’m a bit of a traditionalist myself but and the changes over time and got to adapt to the changes.

How did we go from “we got a logo too!” and beating Notre Dame to this bleak hell we now have so fast?

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I really wanted Rangel or Gundy to start for “the long run”. Bowman’s throwing and throwing motion is hard to watch. Everything looks so slow and easy to react to. Surprised he ran the ball though. Still super super surprised we haven’t seen the new offense that’s was hyped up tightend play and multiple running backs with power formations. I thought we’d get easily bowl eligible, build up off that success, and be even better for the next season. It’s looking difficult especially if half our offense transfers out.

Give me Eddie Sutton basketball back please!

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I don’t think we carried that momentum and guys familiar with our system and culture left/transferred out. After this season Sanders is supposed to go on a podcast and talk about things. I can tell you for a fact we got internal issues. I’m a fan of the program first then the coach. For any future success we need to start getting what ever we are trying to do work pretty quick cause I think we are sinking.

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