Instant Recap: OSU Falls to Texas A&M 24-21 in 2019 Texas Bowl

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The Cowboys end 2019 with a loss.

The Aggies played tough D. It could’ve been worse. On to 2020.

Brown did not complete even one bomb all night. If he had the arm to make those plays OSU would have put up a lot more points. Repeatedly the wide open receiver had to wait for the short throw while the db was able to catch up and break up the catch. There in the 4th qtr he had numerous wide open receivers and could not hit them on the out throws. Stoner was wide open and the ball bounced five yards in front of him.


Pathetic game. How does this clown rake in a top 10 paycheck without producing sh!t near the top 10 let alone the top 25. Gundy needs a reality check real d@mn quick


How bad do our special teams have to become before we consider actually hiring a special teams coordinator again? Not a strong game for the coaches in general, and special teams were just flat bad.

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True, but B. Johnson clearly isn’t good at catching the contested jump balls. How many does he have to not catch before the coaches adjust?

This is completely accurate. Dru Brown had no zip on the ball throwing deep, every pass was floated. I was also disappointed in McCray he definitely had a night to forget and the 3rd and 4th and short play calling was horrendous

I think Hutton was the most overrated player on the team coming into the season. But I agree special teams was overall terrible tonight

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The whole team was overrated. Everyone at Buffalo wild wings was ready to see Gundy move on.

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Let me correct the headline for you: “The Cowboys end the season with a loser: HCMG” There fixed it for you.

I agree here. I thought Dax Garmin was playing QB again with the calls we were seeing. Strange to think that we won the turnover battle 2-0, had a RB go for 150 @ 8 yards per carry and still lost. Defense blew a few plays but actually didn’t play bad. The long QB TD was assisted by a blatant missed holding call in the hole against Rodriguez, and another TD came after a 17 yard punt to our 22. But for having the best running back in college football, its not unfair to say our offense was putrid.

I heard an Aerosmith song once, “Same old story, Same old song and daaaaaance my friend”. Yet again, we jump out to an early, dominant lead in the first half. Gundy refuses to make adjustments or come up with anything new on offense in the second half, and our defense gets gassed with the repetitive and consistent 3 and outs by the lackluster second half offense. The difference you may ask? COACHING. We don’t have any of that. OSU/Gundy Mediocrity at its finest.

Yet again

We were told the coaching staff had special packages to include Spencer Sanders. With A&M forcing us the pass, the added running threat would have helped balance our offense.

I don’t know if its lack of adjustments but coaching was pathetic in that game. The second FG attempt was super-conservative (which is strange for a bowl game) especially given that the 53-yarder previously attempted didn’t even make it to the goal posts. Not what I would have done, but that’s at least defend-able. But we threw ZERO down field passes to Stoner who had been our #1 WR since Wallace was injured. Not sure how that happens. Even after being burned by a TE seam route, we couldn’t call one ourselves. And our first 2 crossing patterns were a TD and a defensive holding call.
You’d think you might go back to these before the 4th, but I guess only Lincoln Riley understands that you don’t stop calling plays that constantly work. These are examples of the poor play-calling we saw tonight. But beyond that: At the end of the game, we use the timeout AFTER we let 10 seconds run off the clock. A GOOD coach knows that he is either going to call that timeout or not, and not need to waste 10 seconds to decide. On the failed 4th and 1, a GOOD coach calls timeout when THEY can’t get their players on the field in time, and not force his QB to go with a call that has ZERO opportunity to read the defense, or in this case, even allow the motion man to reach his position to make a required block. And how about the A&M punt from their own end-zone? We chose not to go for the block, which was fine. Yet, we lined up our returner so deep that he couldn’t catch a punt that landed at the opponents 45 and then proceeded to bounce and roll for 15 more yards for the aggies. If you aren’t planning to catch the punt, why setup a return? That’s 3 times that Gundy directly failed to put his team in a position to be successful. Meanwhile, Jimbo Fisher had 1. He rushed a play at the end of the 3rd quarter unnecessarily which led to a sack and eventual endzone punt. In the end, with 2 pretty evenly matched teams, the coach that committed the most errors lost.

Hutton was poor, but it wasn’t just him. The kick-off return out of the end-zone was bad. But the killer that got me was the A&M punt from their own end zone that flew 40 yards yet we weren’t able to field it. But then again, expecting good play from a unit so important that the coach is a GA probably isn’t realistic. Also indicative of the value Gundy puts on special teams.