Is Viktor Hovland ... the Hottest Golfer in the World Right Now?

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Hova is doing absolute WORK on the PGA Tour right now.

Hovland or Wolfe will get a major before Fowler. I guaranTEE it!

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I think you’re on to something here. If you were to put money on it who would you pick between the two ?

Right now, Hovland. He seems to have the more complete game. And has already placed himself in the final group on a few Sunday’s. So he understands pressure differently than Wolfe. He will learn from this past weekend. And be better for it. Both of them have a massive mental edge on Fowler in my opinion.

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Hovland. Consistency and has played well on demanding courses.


Wolff. He has more pure talent.

Hovland is extremely consistent and will be consistently there (like a Paul Casey).

Wolff when he has everything going which isn’t all the time obviously, can beat anyone out there.

I don’t know but he’s a very likeable dude. Is there a Norwegian who smiles as much as he does? Another great ambassador for Ok State.

Wolffie has a very unorthodox swing…works for him though.