Isaac Likekele Officially Returning for Junior Season at OSU

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Likekele would have garnered up a ton of NBA interest in a normal draft process.

I’m excited about next year. The pieces to the puzzle are all there but it’s on boynton to put it together. boynton has to be willing to sit players that aren’t meshing well with Cade. When he finally started bringing dziagwa off the bench we started winning. It can’t take him over 2 years to figure this out. If likekele isn’t the guy that’s fits best with cade on the court then boynton will have to make the tough decision and bring him off the bench. If he doesn’t then we will have another bad season.

I like the way Likekele plays but he can’t shoot and isn’t a Russell Westbrook freak of an athlete. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see his game transitioning to the nxt level or any GMs in this years draft hitting him up to be drafted. Hopefully this year his shooting form grows and if that happens he will garnish attention.

I agree. Ice has to improve his shooting. To make it in the NBA you have to be able to knock down shots. He has lots of other skills but if he can improve his shooting his stock will really go up.