It Ended the BCS, Now is Oklahoma State Going to Help End the NCAA?

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How OSU basketball could play a part in this.


The real question is will the NCAA ever punish a blue blood enough to have them open the flood gates to a breakaway.

Basically, do you think they’d bowl ban Ohio State for the tattoo thing again? I kinda doubt it. They can bring the hammer down on Mizzou or OSU, but aren’t going to do that to a blue blood football team.

I think it’s likely they start going to purely monetary punishments though.


I like the fact the Attorney General of Oklahoma sent a scathing letter to the NCAA basically telling them their punishment was too harsh.

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The post season ban is gonna go away! Over baby

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Exactly. This needs to happen to Duke in order for teeth gnashing to really commence.

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I’d take Kansas being enough. Plus I’d love them to get smacked down, decide to burn the whole thing down and have to ask for teams in the Big XII who have actual Div 1 Football teams to join them because their basketball team is all they have.

Itll gonna happen in a few years regardless. The conferences can just police themselves. It’s heading that way.

Good insightful article KP … I do compliment when I really like it !! You are correct they screwed us in ‘11, let’s see if they make it up. They have an ego as big as Gundy !! :cowboy_hat_face: Agreed their reign will end shortly, what will govern us then. I’ve always liked Sundvolds commentary, he’s usually close and direct.
Kansas will be the true measurement. I read their board often and they have rabid fans. Some want Self gone, others not. I’m in hopes we can postpone through the courts through basketball season … Go Pokes !!

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Watching the Netflix documentary on the Larry Nassar case. Did Michigan State get punished by the NCAA for employing him during his unethical behavior?

It would be quite interesting to see what the universities come up with to police programs for cheating, if the NCAA were abolished…

I’m remembering what N2A did to Dez Bryant over a single dinner.