Jakason Burks Transferring to Iowa Western Community College

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Burks went 6-2 in his freshman season.

By going to juco and going off social media mite mean there is more going on besides being second fiddle

That is an unusual step down from a top program to community college. At first glance it would suggest an athlete who struggles academically. But without the facts we don’t have a clue why he transferred. One thing seemed clear, he was not going to start as long as Mastro remained healthy.

He is from neb. So it’s closer to home. Could be a few things going on.He may just need to regroup.

The incoming freshman I want to see develop is Cooper Birdwell. 4 time Montana state champion and undefeated all 4 years. And if you think no great wrestler1960’ss ever come out of Montana just go back to the 1960’s when Gene Davis went four years undefeated in Montana and then was a standout at OSU where I saw him wrestle back then. So high hopes for Cooper who I would guess will go at 133 or if he grows he could be 141.


We miss out on a heavy going to neb next year.

Maybe he just wants to concentrate on getting better. Kids these days are addicted!!!

Yea we never know. By going to juco he can work out what every he need to then transfer up.

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They’re hosting next season’s wrestling championship, maybe that has something to do w/ it as well as getting a clear shot at starting at his weight. Iowa Central is more the power in Iowa as far as juco wrestling programs go but one doesn’t have to go there to win a title. NEO A&M should’ve been after the kid!

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Kendal Cross is originally from Montana. He was kinda good, LOL. <---- sarcasm in case not easy to decipher