Jalen Hurts Doesn't Like Cheese Fries, Has Never Heard of Eskimo Joe's

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I love hating on OU players (see: Mayfield, Baker) but it’s hard not to respect this dude.
Why on earth would he have ever heard of Eskimo Joe’s after spending 3 seasons in Tuscaloosa?
Funny exchange for sure.
Go POKES / get that upset and keep em out of the playoff

You’d be amazed how many HAVE heard of Eskimo Joe’s far and wide, I’ve been surprised quite a few times that people who grew out on the coasts have heard of Eskimo Joe’s.

“Is the food good”. LOL, I love how he dodged that question with “The Cheese Fries are good”. A lot of people just don’t like cheese at all so that’s probably why he don’t like cheese fries.

Back in the day, Eskimo Joe shirts were the #2 most recognized shirt WORLDWIDE, behind the Hard Rock Cafe which was #1.

Hurts is a youngin’!

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Yeah, I really want to hate on the guy but can’t. He handled the Bama exit with grace and seems to be a stand up young man. Considering he’s played for the two teams I hate the most this is high praise!

As much as I hate to play Devil’s Advocate for any OU player, cheese fries at most places are pretty trash. Usually it’s just melted American cheese on top.