Jason Taylor Turns INT into TD in Huge Play vs. Texas

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All Jason Taylor does is make big plays.

Defensive points - 6

Special teams points- 7

Gundy and Dunn Offensive points…0.0

Our offense is totally inept. Favorite plays are run it between the tackles, or QB up the middle. Terrible!
Dunn may be a good recruiter but his is no an offensive coordinator. Need to do something different.

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Most good offensive coaches find a way to score at least one point through three quarters against a team that ranks 107th in total defense. Especially when they’ve had two weeks to prepare for the game.

Warren gets hot, has three good runs, then we bring in Richardson, and then a bad snap for a 7 yard loss!!! Geez!!!

I predicted seven field goals in the game. So far we’re at six.

@joe15 6 - 0

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This play was HUGE. Needed that! Taylor had been beat a couple time prior to this play too, so I’m glad he got some get back.