Jayden Jernigan + Running Back Recruit Success

Sorry if there has been a thread regarding this topic in the past but I couldn’t help but notice that Jernigan didn’t play this year. He played a bit as a true freshman so I was wondering if he was injured or whatever the case may be. I was expecting him to be one of those guys who develops into a solid interior stuffer for us. Anyone have any information?

Also, idk if anyone noticed but we have 2 4 star composite RBs committed for 2022. Very nice. We are also in heavy contention for 2 other 4 star running backs in the class, one being BP’s brother. SO to the coaching staff for that. I would love us to bring in Presley’s brother but we already have 2 4 star RBs on deck so that looks like it may be in jeopardy.

I think Presley’s brother would be a receiver.

Who is the other 4 star rb were heavy on?

Most definitely. He weighs about 45 pounds. A CB could pick him up off his feet and toss him 6-7 yards if he gets his hands on him… I bet he plays slot wherever he goes.

Jernigan opted out for the season because of COVID.


It was jadarian price but he ended up committing to Notre dame