Jaylen Warren Earning More Opportunities with Steelers as Rookie Season Continues

Originally published at: Jaylen Warren Earning More Opportunities with Steelers as Rookie Season Continues | Pistols Firing

Jaylen Warren continues to earn respect in Pittsburgh.

Thats good. Pittsburg has been a place for cowboys to die.


Yea I think we have another case where the NFL team can’t justify letting the big dog eat, Warren in this case, because they have their precious first round draft pick as the starter and it makes them look bad if they gave the lowly free agent, Warren, the starting job. In the last game Najee had 11 carries for 28 yards 1.8 yards average. Warren had 5 carries for 24 yards for a 4.8 average. Looks like they are handing the ball off to the wrong RB to me. Steelers need to follow the Lions lead and play the best man, e.g. Rodriguez, regardless of where they were drafted and even if it makes the front office look bad.

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If they actually think that, though, they should try to move Najee before the trade deadline to a contender that needs running back help like KC or Buffalo.

@jake4 Yep you are right, I really don’t know the Steelers reasons for what they are doing. It seems apparent that they aren’t making the best decisions in any case. I’ve become less of a fan of Tomlin over the last few years after watching what has happened to Mason and James. Jaylen is getting better treatment I guess but it seems that they are holding him back some as well.

Now, I don’t think they actually believe Warren is better than Harris, but if they did, they ought to make a trade.

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Yeah, but not as bad as Cleveland and Detroit!! Godspeed and good luck to Jaylen and Mason and Rodrigo and… well, the list goes on. GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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We had a guy with a pretty solid career in Detroit in the 90s.

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…given… but he even was hindered by Detroit’s disinterest in championships at the time. They preferred to move developing All Pros for value than keep them around Sanders. You should read his book. He got so disenchanted with it that he retired early, seeing no end in sight and having all the financial comfort he desired. Barry was never about individual accomplishment in a team sport. He remains a loyal Lion and Cowboy, regardless. Billy Simms’ career was similar as well, for the Oklahoma connections.

jmho… GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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Oh, sure, but he still became a legend there. Brandon Pettigrew had a nice little career there as well.

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Detroit appreciates your grading on such a curve. I had hopes of Brandon Pettigrew having a HOF career and Detroit successfully reduced it to a ‘nice little’ one.

I am rooting for the Lions, make no mistake. I am hopeful that Rodrigo, as they have affectionately monikered him, has a fantastic winning career there, and where ever else.

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Individuals have great careers in Detroit, they just can’t put together a team. Stafford and Megatron were stars there. I can’t think of a star in Cleveland since they’ve been back. Joe Thomas? That’s all I’m saying.