Jaylen Warren 'Quite a Bit' Better Than Mike Gundy Realized

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OSU coaches knew Warren had been productive, but they didn’t know just how high his ceiling was.

Great pick up. He is a gamer. Hope we get him some help.

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The difference with Warren is he’s a speed back with great vision and lateral movement. Our other running backs are essentially north / south runners that just don’t excel at having the same tendencies Warren possesses.

That’s one of the main reasons the running game looks better. When Dominic Richardson went into the game this past weekend for Warren he struggled to gain any yards.

I think PFB’s description of him being a lot like Kendall Hunter is a good description of what kind of runner he is.

Lol. Let’s not get to excited. Warren has fight hard for alot if his yards. The other would like a couple of good blocks. They all good backs. But dnt start going about the direction Santa :santa: is fly.
U group 3 backs that are not the same.

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Warren is playing behind an OL that hasn’t found it’s identity yet. Kendall Hunter played behind a first round draft pick and the best offensive lines Gundy ever had.

I would say that alone should probably give Warren a little praise and trustworthiness. I think it’s safe to say he’s been the best back we have so far out of the lineup.

I never said anything about hunter. Or that Warren is a bad back. So that was a bust post.

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You said not to get too excited. All I’m saying is he’s better than the other backs, and his vision and lateral movements on the field prove it despite the condition of the OL.

I wasn’t confused. Warren has been doing great. But acting like the other 3 aren’t any good and grouping them as the same kind of back just shows how lil u know

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LD reminds me of Corndog, been around for ever makes a few good plays but never going to get you there.

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Kinda like u always beneath the surface trolling, and never posting anything interesting.

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Which back has been better and had the better impact so far?

LD Brown- 28 carries for 58 yards, 2.0 ypc

Dezmon Jackson- 6 carries for 20 yards, 3.3 ypc

Dominic Richardson- 11 carries for 28 yards, 2.5 ypc

Then we have Jaylen Warren:

79 carries for 387 yards, 4.9 ypc

Looks to me when Brown, Jackson, and Richardson get a carry they are all kind of on the same page as each other.

Ok Joey once again u got it. Most of those 3’s carries were in the firstb2 games. 20% of Warren’s yards was 1 run that I’m 100% sure any of the 4 could have done it.
I’m by no means saying anything against Warren but ur lil knowledge. Since most of Warren’s yards have been after are starting rite tackle came back. What was that 330 yards or more.

I do love it when u bring out the clip board full of stats.
To bad u dnt know how to evaluate the stats.
U great at the final results. U never care how they get there.

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So why couldn’t any of them do it in the first two games against the worst competition we’ve faced so far?

Isn’t the final result basically what we’re looking for? Do players or coaches deserve full credit for a half-a55 well played or coached game?

Joe just put up the stats to prove he’s right and you’re wrong. Own it.

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Did that 70 points Texas scored against tech help them any with the Arkansas game. So final stats dnt many any thing.
But thinks for giving us all a good laugh.

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The only thing i own is ur two yahoos.
U to are jokers. Stop lieing to urself. Understand sports is a lot harder then clean up diggleberries off the back side of ur ess.

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Do u get credit when ur dumb ess gets things wrong all the time. Yes u do. Just not the credit u yearn for.
Ill give another ex. Isu had all most 500 yards of offense, Baylor had less then 300. Did Baylor coaches get credit.
It’s amazing u remember to breathe in the moring.

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No, but Arkansas looks pretty good and I doubt Mike Gundy wants to play them right now.