Jaylen Warren

Anyone know why Warren “can’t play”? It’s not being talked about and it critical to our success, IMO

Still hurt shoulder and ankle.

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This is why we lost, and Godlevske hurt as well.


Richardson went out before that serious too. Presley was sick with flu.
I think Sanders was the only offence guy who didn’t get injured.

I didn’t realize Richardson was hurt. I was wondering where he was on those goal line attempts.

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It’s unfortunate. Rarely does one player’s absence (outside of the QB position) feel so impactful on the outcome of a game. But in a game of literal inches, Jaylen Warren was missed.

Richardson would have made that play.
I dnt understand why , when he got one on one he didn’t just run over the guy. He actually lost his power by going out to the end. It was a disappointment.

Who knows. It’s a high adrenaline moment where decisions are made in fractions of a second. He clearly put his best effort forward.

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He also only had about 30 carries for the year.
But, yes it was a bang bang decision.