Joe Lunardi Says NCAA Made a 'Mistake' Putting OSU as a 4 Seed

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ESPN’s Bracketologist questions Pokes’ placement.

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There has always been things wrong with the NCAA and the seeding of OSU reflects an ongoing problem. Did anyone on that committee bother to watch any of the OSU games this season?

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What is going on!? It’s time for OSU to raise some hell! Demand they stop hosing us. We tried nice. It’s time to kick butt!!

Bilas comments are puzzling. “That’s a big if…” Regarding us beating Liberty. I didn’t realize they were that good, but we’ve been amazing these past couple of weeks! It may be slightly controversial, but I think we’d have beaten UT, maybe going away, if they’d played a 2nd game in the tournament. We’d have beaten Kansas as well. I only watch us, but it seems like I he has something against us.

I’m sure Liberty is a solid team, but I just can’t help but to bring up their competition this season or lack there of.

  • They’ve got losses to Lipscomb and Stetson

  • They’ve played one team currently in the top 25 (and lost by double digits).

  • Their SoS is ranked 298th

  • They haven’t played a Top 25 team since November 25th, 2020

Now let’s compare it to us real quick:

  • Our two worst losses are to TCU

  • We’ve played 16 games against current Top 25 opponents (and went 10-6 against them).

  • Our SoS is ranked 15th

  • We’ve more or less played a Top 25 team (or two) every single week since December 20th, 2020

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Bilas finished his comments by saying we should have been seeded higher than 4. If that’s true, it shouldn’t be close to a toss up that we beat a 13 seed, with the resume you just outlined. He wants to have it both ways- we should have been higher, which means we are clearly better than our seed, and he wants to say we are in danger.

Edit: but, they have to have taking points I guess, so there’s that.

I’m not too upset with Liberty as a first opponent. They don’t rely on a big man for production.

Just get us to Brad!!!

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