John Smith: 'Oklahoma State Is In Talks' about Adding a Women's Program

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The current economic climate presents its own challenges.

Talk of a women’s wrestling program is rather ironic since it is because of I think it is called Title 9 or Title 19 that created funding for women’s sports several years ago and that cost wrestling programs most of their full scholarships because there was now less money to go to the men’s programs. So I think OSU does not have many full scholarships for wrestling any longer. I agree with Mike Holder. The athletic budget is already stretched enough. I would rather see in the future that more money goes into the track and field team which really suffered when women’s sports got funded. Not that many years ago I asked Coach Dave Smith why OSU did not ever enter a full track and field team and he told me it was because there was not enough money any longer because of women’s sports. I know that John Smith is very supportive of women’s wrestling.

This world is not big enough for everybody’s feelings and will suffer in great destruction.